How To Remove a Speck from Your Eye

Imagine watching a good football game with your friends or driving home from work on a Friday evening to your family and all of a sudden, you feel this stinging pain in your eye - a speck of stubborn dirt that refuses to get out! You may try hard to remove the speck from your eye, but all you end up doing is irritating your eye more, making it blood red. Your eyesight being very precious, you need to ensure your eyes are well protected.

The speck could be a tiny piece of anything (dust and dirt, wood or glass piece, grit, eye makeup, etc.) that can cause a lot of damage to the naked eye. Rubbing your eye while you try to remove the speck from your eye is the most common mistake people make, this can only cause more eye related problems and could even lead to total blindness! To avoid such painful hazards, follow these few simple steps to avoid causing any further damage to your eye:

3 simple ways to remove a speck from your eye:

  1. Blink - Blinking your eye will help generate tears. This, in turn, will flush out all foreign objects such as dust and dirt, grit, etc.
  2. Splash water - Water helps clean any kind of dirt, splashing a lot of water is the best way to remove a speck from your eye.
  3. Rolling your eyeball - Hold the lid up and move the eye around in a circle, this will help you move the speck from the inner to the outside lid.

Tips and Warnings:

The most common symptoms caused due to serious eye injury are itchiness, blurry vision, tearing, swelling and redness. Carrying hand sanitizers or wet tissues in your hand bag to keep your hands clean will also be helpful, especially if you have young children. Always consult a trained medical professional to remove embedded objects before you cause any further damage to your eye. Once you have tried these options and something is still hurting and causing burn, you may have scratched your cornea (the cover that protects your eye), it is advisable to keep your eyes shut for 30 minutes and consult a doctor if the problem still exists.

Follow these quick methods to remove a speck from your eye and ensure you consult a physician before undertaking any other method of treatment. Specks left in the eye can become potential long-term threats to your vision. The quicker you seek treatment, the healthier your vision.


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