How To Remove Adenoids to Drain Fluid Behind the Ears

The adenoid glands are the glands that are located behind the throat. The removal of these glands is done if a person snores or has trouble breathing while asleep. The presence of adenoids that are swollen can also cause pain at the back of the ears. This can be really uncomfortable and can even cause an infection. That is why adenoidectomy, the removal of the adenoids, is performed. The process of removing the adenoid glands is usually done to children who have had more than three ear infections in a year.

Here are the steps on how to remove the adenoids to drain the fluid behind the ears:

  1. Consult a doctor. Typically, adenoidectomy is done to children. Bring your child to the doctor for a consultation. This will determine if the adenoid needs to be removed. During the consultation, you may ask some questions to your doctor about the procedure that is going to be done to your child. Schedule the adenoidectomy with the hospital. This can be an out-patient procedure and your child can be out of the hospital a few hours after the surgery.
  2. Preparation. Certain medicines, such as aspirin and ibuprofen must not be taken a week before the surgery. The day before the surgery, your child should not eat or drink after midnight. Water is also not an option. You can ask your physician about this.
  3. Adenoidectomy procedure. Your child will be brought to the operating room. Anesthesia is given so your child will not feel a thing. Your child will also be unconscious throughout the entire procedure. When everything is ready, an instrument will be used to open the mouth. The adenoid glands will be removed using either a curette or a microdebrider. In some cases, the adenoids are cauterized. This procedure can be bloody. Gauze will be packed on the area in order to stop the bleeding. Afterwards, the patient is transferred to the recovery room.
  4. After surgery care. Your child can be brought home after a few hours. Complete recovery from the surgery can take anywhere between one to two weeks. During this time, certain foods should not be eaten. Consult your doctor on the proper diet while recovering from the surgery. Allow your child to drink lots of fluids to avoid dehydration. Medication will also be given to help make the healing process faster. This includes pain killers and antibiotics. If there is any sign of bleeding on the throat or on the nose, call your doctor immediately.

These are the steps on how to remove the adenoid glands in order to drain the fluid behind the ears. After the adenoidectomy, your child will no longer have disturbing ear infections. Breathing through the nose will also be easier once the adenoid glands have been removed. In some cases, the tissue of the adenoid gland will grow back but this rarely happens. If this happens, there is no need to worry, as this is not dangerous to your child’s health.


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