How To Remove Plantar’s Warts

Caused by the human papilloma virus, plantar’s warts are commonly found on the feet particularly the soles. A person may be infected with human papilloma virus by walking on wet surfaces such as swimming pools, moist sidewalks, bathroom floors and other areas where the source of moistness comes from stagnant and dirty water. Plantar’s warts appear like blackish dots and are actually benign tumors. They are contagious and can spread through direct contact with the skin of an infected person.

If you are bothered by plantar’s warts, here are ways to remove them:

  • Consult a dermatologist. There are special skin treatments that can easily get rid of plantar’s warts which only a dermatologist can recommend. Medication usually consists of oral medicines and topical applications (cream). The treatment may last several weeks and you may have to visit for regular consultations while the results are being observed.
  • Go for laser remedy. This is quite costly considering the sophisticated procedure involved but you are guaranteed of a hundred percent cure. You have to make sure though that a licensed doctor will administer the treatment. Also, laser treatment may not be advised for everyone especially for those who have certain pre-existing medical conditions. Nonetheless if you are qualified for a laser procedure, go for it.
  • Opt for operation. This procedure is the ultimate step if your plantar’s warts are so persistent that you cannot get rid of them despite all the other treatment options. Removal of plantar’s warts through operation is a minor surgical procedure and you need not be confined in the hospital. However you might be required to visit your doctor for post-surgery check ups.
  • Spray your plantar’s warts with canned air. The pressure from the can will produce some pain but it is helpful in removing the warts. The sharp blow of the air will penetrate the warts to the roots so they are permanently removed. Do the procedure five or six times. Should the area bleed, cover it with surgical dressing or band aid.
  • Use nail polish, preferably the clear, colorless one. Apply two coatings of nail polish on the warts four times a day. Continue the treatment for one or two weeks. You can also cover the warts with a tape (duct) after applying the nail polish and leave it on for several days until it comes off.
  • Go to the beach and walk on the hot sand. The heat from the sand is very effective in killing the bacteria that cause the plantar’s warts. However make it a point that the heat is bearable to your feet. Do not walk on the sand during hot afternoons as its extreme heat might scald your feet. The gritty texture of the sand also rubs off the warts. This method should be done for at least seven consecutive days.
  • Have a foot spa. The scrubber used in salons for foot spas is a very good tool to use for removing plantar’s warts. If you have no time to go to salons for spa, purchase the scrubber from stores selling health and physical fitness products and do the scrubbing method at home.

Since plantar’s warts are caused by virus, you might as well avoid contracting the bacteria by avoiding to walk (barefoot) on damp and unclean places. Also, make sure you wash your feet with soap and water then dry them off well with a clean towel before going to bed each night.


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