How To Remove Warts Using Duct Tape

You think you’ve tried every solution there is to remove your warts—from burning and laser therapy to freezing or surgery. But you either end up in pain and with a nasty scar, or disappointed because the treatment is unsuccessful and expensive. Don’t give up hope. Duct tape therapy might just be your “miracle cure”. It’s a newly-discovered method of removing warts effectively, sparing you the pain and expenses. Tests and surveys using this method have even been conducted by medical experts just to find out how and why it works. In the study, 85% out of 26 patients who were given duct tape therapy had their warts safely removed. This is significantly better than 60% of the 26 patients who received freezing treatment for their warts. If you’re willing to give this humble home remedy a shot, follow these simple steps.

  • Get yourself some duct tape. You don’t need a special kind of duct tape or even an expensive one. The regular, gray one will do. Check in your office or household supplies if you still have some. If not, it’s time to take a trip to the nearest hardware or office supplies store and buy a new roll.
  • Cover the wart. Look closely at the size of your wart and tear off a piece that’s enough to cover the whole wart and a bit of the surrounding area. Make sure the duct tape sticks.
  • Leave alone for six days. Let the duct tape work its magic on the wart and let it stick for six days approximately. Do not touch or remove the duct tape even when taking a bath. However, if it suddenly comes off within the six days (this happens especially to very active kids who move around a lot), just replace with a new strip of duct tape.
  • Remove duct tape. The seventh day, is the day of revelation. It’s time to remove the duct tape and check up on your wart.
  • Soak wart area. Prepare a bowl of warm, clean water. Soak the wart area in it for a few minutes.
  • Scrape off dead skin. After duct tape therapy and soaking in warm water, warts gradually become easier to scrape off. Use a rough surface like a pumice stone, an emery board, or nail file to smooth it down. Don’t expect all of the dead skin to come off in one sitting, though. It will still take a bit of time, patience, and continued duct tape therapy. Just continue scraping off whatever you can. Then let it breathe until the next morning.
  • Put a new strip of duct tape. After letting it breathe overnight, reapply duct tape over your wart. Repeat steps 2-6 over a course of two to four months, or until you have completely removed your wart. What the duct tape effectively does is called ‘debriding’, or removing dead wart tissue bit by bit.

Aside from “keeping things together”, duct tape might as well be the miracle panacea for warts. It’s still quite hard to believe that a simple, often overlooked household and office item can remove a very stubborn wart. Still a bit doubtful? Well, as they say, “there’s no harm in trying”. You just might thank the heavens for duct tape afterwards.


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