How To Schedule a Daily Exercise Training Routine

Having the motivation and the determination to lose weight through exercise training may seem to be all that is needed to succeed. Think again. You may have the right reasons and the grim resolve but if you do not have a system, then you can just expect to say goodbye to your objectives soon. A system is required and this includes a schedule of your exercise routines. After all, even though a workout is a physical activity, it does require some mental work beforehand such as creating or seeking a program, log, tips, plan, etc.

To set a schedule that is fit for you, the following tips can be helpful.

  • The best time of the day for cardio or resistance training is early morning. Smog has not built up that much yet to annoy you when you are jogging outdoors. Your body’s carbohydrate level is also low at that time, making you burn your fat more effectively.
  • If waking up early is too much for you or if you have to drive early to the office always, then set your schedule after work in the gym. You can deal with your weight and you can rid yourself of the stress from the job before taking a night’s rest.
  • Set a weekly schedule that you can really keep up with. It is not enough that you write it down. It must not be impossibly demanding. Otherwise, you may just end up violating your own program until you may think of junking the effort entirely.
  • Do not schedule a workout for two days straight. You should plot one every other day. It would even be better if you alternate your cardio with strength exercises.
  • For a holistic and balanced workout, you should do not just one type of routine. Include aerobic exercises and a weight lifting program. The result will not just be weight-loss. You can also replace the fat lost with well-toned muscles.
  • Target the entire set of muscle groups in your body. Make sure that the schedule of your training routine will allow you to exercise all sets of muscles at different times. You can follow a three-day cycle for this. Focus on one muscle group for three days then another for the next three days.
  • A schedule for the week may be good, but it would even be better if you have a more particular plan for each workout. This means that you have to divide your workout time into several routine periods, combining the light and heavy exercises and putting short rests in between.

With a schedule for your exercise training everyday, you have a system that can guide you in your path to weight-loss and a healthy body. However, this still would not guarantee you success. A schedule, even if well written and detailed, is just like a set of self-imposed rules. Without a little self-restraint, your schedule will only be good on paper. So, make a move and you may want to start today!


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