How To Select Water Aerobics Exercise Aids

Imagine doing aerobics for almost an hour without breaking into a sweat! That is a fascinating prospect. Well, you can do that when you do water aerobics. You not only enjoy a (literally) cool workout, it keeps your body toned, flexible and healthy and improves your cardiovascular system without straining yourself when you train, particularly resistance training to build muscles, on dry land.

Water supports most of your body weight during exercise so you prevent extra strain on your bones, joints and muscles. As you are chest-deep in water while doing water aerobics, your heart rate is lower and your cardiovascular conditioning works smoothly. Water provides instant resistance so even small movements are contributing to the general toning of your muscles. Being underwater provides you with more flexibility to be able to do the movements with ease.

To prevent you from floating when you are doing water aerobics, you need some basic equipment specially made to facilitate and aid you. Read on.

  1. Invest in a good swimsuit. Get a swimsuit that will provide you with adequate coverage and not hinder your movements as you go through with each exercise. It would be ideal to get a one-piece sports swimsuit.
  2. Buy a pair of good water runners. A good pair of water shoes will provide you with traction so you will not slip and slide while exercising. This will also provide adequate protection for your feet.
  3. Get a floatation belt. For stability and to support your lumbar section, you will need floatation belt when you perform exercises that require you to be upright in the water.
  4. Goggles. Invest in a good pair of goggles that you can use for those exercises that require you to go underwater like the squats.

The four items listed above are the basic things you will need for water aerobics. Later when you have adapted to the exercise routine and ready for more resistance, here are other exercise equipment that you can look into.

  1. Webbed gloves. When doing resistance workout for the arms and chest, you can get a pair of webbed globes in neoprene with Lycra and wrist straps. These are lightweight and stretchy enough to fit your hands comfortably. And the straps will keep the gloves in place during vigorous movements. This will also aid you when you do board paddling and swim training.
  2. Waterproof and padded wrist and ankle weights. As you increase your endurance, you can begin to add weights to your wrists and ankles to provide more resistance. Get wrist weights of 2 pounds each and ankle weights of 2.5 pounds each. You can gradually increase the weight as needed.

There are other water aerobics equipment that you can get as you continue to increase your endurance and training. There are dumbbells and barbells, heavier wrist and ankle weights, water fan paddles and exercise tubing with handles. The most important thing is for you to do the exercises correctly and slowly build your strength and endurance in preparation for more intense exercises.


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