How To Self Hypnotize

Self hypnotism is something that can help you achieve deep relaxation, relieving your body of stress, heal your body and even remove some bad habits. Self hypnosis id actually a deep meditative state where your mind becomes open to suggestions and you can condition your mind to accept these suggestions. Preparation is very important before you hypnotize yourself. Here’s how to do it.

  • Practice deep breathing first. This will condition you body to relax completely while you fill your lungs with air. The breathings should be timed and slow, taking a few seconds to inhale, fill your lungs and hold it before slowly releasing it. Once you have mastered this it will allow you to move from ordinary breathing to deep breathing instantly.
  • Decide first what you want to achieve during this particular self hypnosis session. You should have a definite goal in mind before you begin so that you will know how to condition your mind and body for it. Write out a plan of what things you want to achieve during each session. It will also be good if you can write the script on how to command yourself to move into a deep meditative state. Read and repeat the script several times until you have committed it to memory. You should also include how you are going to wake yourself after the session.
  • Visualize your goals. If you are going to quit a bad habit, picture yourself without it. It you are weighed down with problems and feeling stressed out, see an image of yourself happy, smiling and without worries and having a good time with family and co-workers.
  • Choose a good place in which to do your self-hypnosis. The room or spot should have good air circulation and free from distractions. Sit in a comfortable position. Some people can do this with some new age music playing softly in the background. You should be dressed comfortably, preferably in loose clothing. With your eyes closed, slowly inhale and exhale. As you do your slow breathing, instruct the different parts of your body to relax, starting from the top.
  • You can also get to a relaxed state by counting backwards and instructing yourself at intervals to relax and move into deeper relaxation as you continue to count.
  • When you have reached a deep state of relaxation you know that you are still conscious but you will feel that you are observing yourself from the outside. At this stage your mind will be very open and you can give it the commands that you want it to do. It can either be to remain in that relaxed state for a few minutes to remove the aches and pains in your body from a week of strenuous work or to quit a bad habit. In this state you also have to condition your mind to move back to reality when you are ready to end the session, either by commanding your brain to get out of the meditative state at the count of five or ten or after you have snapped your fingers for a specific number of times. Be careful that you do not end the session abruptly as this can muddle your brain. The transition from deep meditative state to full wakefulness should be gradual. Always command your mind that you waken alert, refreshed, happy and contented and free from worries.

Use self hypnosis to create a new you. Define your goals for going into deep meditation and make a list of what you what to achieve. Start from the simple to the more difficult goals. You will find that you will be stress-free, have a clearer mind, feel healthier and happier and achieve more through self hypnosis.


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