How To Sell Health Insurance

Applying for health insurance

Health insurance seems to be the topic on everyone's lips these days, and learning how to sell health insurance can prove to be a lucrative career for anyone looking to make a job change. Because health insurance is a commodity needed by men and women alike regardless of age, economic status or geographic residence, there is a virtually limitless audience of customers for agents who sell health insurance.

Requirements vary from state to state on the license required to sell health insurance, so check with your state's office of the insurance commissioner. In order to receive a license to be an insurance agent, you will need to successfully pass a written examination testing your knowledge of the health insurance industry.

Many insurance companies who specialize in the health insurance segment of the industry are always looking for new agents with enthusiasm and energy and will employ you as a trainee as you study for the insurance exam.  Some companies may in fact provide you with financial help in paying for the exam and licensing fees if you commit to becoming one of their sales agents for a specific length of time. This is a sound way to getting into the business of selling health insurance, because rather than being on your own, you have the strength of an established company and brand name behind you as you start your sales career.

It's important to learn everything you can about the selling process to be successful at selling health insurance, including cold calling and qualifying leads.  It's a good idea to have some savings in reserve prior to beginning a job to sell health insurance, since it is a commission only job. It may take you several months to start signing up new clients, but the benefit of building your clientele is that once renewals come up within six months or a year's time, it becomes an easier sales pitch.

Advertising is a good way to obtain new clients to sell health insurance policies to, especially if you give them a solid reason to contact you. If you can show a prospective client how they can save money on their health insurance policy by buying from you, it's very likely you can sell them a policy, because people are always interested in saving money.  If you can offer them a free consultation and show them how to get the best health insurance policy for the money they have budgeted, you will eventually turn prospective clients into regular customers.


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