How To Set Realistic Weight Loss Goals

Losing weight is one goal that is on a list of things to accomplish by people who want to start a healthier lifestyle. Losing weight however, should be done under the supervision of health care professionals to ensure the safety of going through this process.

What are the steps necessary to set realistic weight loss goals?

  1. Consult with a health care professional before deciding to lose weight. Losing weight is a goal that people want to achieve. This is one endeavor that needs the supervision of health care professionals so that the person who is trying to lose weight is on the right track. Having any health problems later on in the process could be avoided when this is done properly.
  2. Set realistic weight loss goals within a realistic schedule. Setting realistic weight loss goals within a realistic schedule will make weight loss easier. Trying to lose 50 pounds within a month is not a realistic goal.
  3. Write down the steps you need to do to reach your goal. Write down a plan with everything you need to do like the amount and kind of food to eat and the fitness program to be done. The written plan can be divided in daily, weekly, or bi-weekly schedules, depending on your plan of action.
  4. Have a visual reminder of your goals. Stick these visual reminders of your goals on the refrigerator door, on your journal, and on places where these can be easily seen. Being reminded that you are in the process of trying to achieve a weight loss program goal will inspire you to do the necessary steps you need.
  5. Do not try to push yourself too hard to achieve your goals. Stick to your program and do not try to expedite the process of achieving your weight loss goals by pushing yourself too hard. This could result in lack of further motivation.
  6. Reward yourself after you have achieved any weight loss, however small this may be. Rewards can be in the form of a spa treatment or a new book, or whatever would make you feel better in being closer to your goal.
  7. Have a weight loss program buddy. Having a weight loss program buddy will inspire you both as you go through the process of losing weight. You also have a buddy who understands what you are going through.

After the weight loss goal has been achieved, be sure to maintain the current weight so that you will not go through the process again. Whatever weight loss program you have gone through, you should remember to practice the process after the desired weight has been achieved. Keeping up with the daily food intake and the physical fitness program you went through will greatly help you in the maintenance of the weight loss.

You should remember that losing weight is not just about shedding those excess pounds. Losing weight is also about being able to take care of your health and not risking getting sick in the process of achieving the weight loss goals. Losing weight the right way will not only make you look better, it will also make you feel better.


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