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Diapers aren't just for the use of a baby or an infant. There are so many brands that cater to adult incontinence, such as Prevail, Attends, Serenity and Depend. These are widely available online, although it is still recommended that they first be purchased in small quantities so that the fit and comfort can be tried on first. Some online sites enable you to request free samples (although more commonly you have to pay a minimum amount) so you can test their product. The key to buying adult diapers is simple: It should be effective and comfortable as well. In fact, the simpler the diaper is, the better it generally is, since nobody wants the extra bulk that an adult diaper with too many features provides.

If you or someone you love needs to buy adult diapers, here's how to make sure you purchase the best one for you:

  1. Your options - There are many different types of adult incontinence care products that you could take advantage of: Some of these include pads, guards and liners, protective underwear (also known as adult diaper and briefs), and disposable underpads.
    • Pads have dimensions that make it a perfect fit inside a typical underwear: generally about 8-12 inches long and 3-4 inches wide. They are comparable to sanitary napkins for women, and they are great for minor urinary incontinence.
    • Guards and liners are for men, as they are designed to comfortably accommodate the male anatomy. They are longer than the pads mentioned above. These guards and liners act as a stand-alone, or they can be inserted into protective underwear.
    • Protective underwear, also known as adult diapers and briefs, are designed to give more and longer-lasting protection than guards, liners and pads. They are also designed with comfort in mind, so even with the maximum protection they offer, they are built to be hardly noticeable at all.
    • Disposable underpads are pads that can be slipped on your seat, to prevent any embarrassing leaks. This is especially useful if your work requires you to sit on one place for long periods at a time.
  2. The Standards - Know the standard features that you can expect from disposable incontinence pads. Some of these include absorbent core and wings, stretch waist bands, a wetness indicator, leg cuffs (for protection against leakage), and maximum core protection through the extra polymer situated in the middle pad area. These adult incontinence pads are usually able to provide protection from four to six hours, with some styles created for overnight protection (such as the Tranquility All-Through-The-Night protective underwear line).
  3. Where to buy - Many grocery stores offer different lines and styles of adult diapers, but once you've determined the specific ones that work for you, you could opt to order in bulk online. Some websites you could try out include (with pages for coupons redemption).

With all these products that specifically cater to adult incontinence, it would not be recommended that baby care products (such as Pampers) be used. After all, babies and adults have highly different diapering needs. So if you or a loved one are still using inconvenient cloth diapers, just try out how effective these adult diapers are and be freed from the discomfort and uneasiness brought about by adult incontinence. Good luck!


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