How To Stay Energized Throughout a Long Day

Do you feel tired, sleepy and stressed out? But you still have a long day ahead of you and you still have to finish a corporate report or a sales presentation due first thing in the morning.  The following tips below may help you stay alive, acquire focus and be energized throughout a long day.

  1. You can drink soda, coffee, tea, chocolate, energy drinks or any liquid with caffeine to temporarily make you more attentive and less sleepy.
  2. You need to make sure you eat enough food to prevent you from sleeping. If you are hungry, your body becomes tired. But if you eat too much, your blood runs out of your head going to your stomach that will make you feel sleepier.
  3. If you have a bathroom in your office, excuse for awhile to your immediate superior and have a cold, cold shower. A cold shower gets your body shocked and even though it is strange, it is really quite effective. This is because if you feel warm and cozy, you will probably fall asleep.
  4. You can also listen to fast and upbeat sounds or music like Hip Hop, Rock, Progressive Rock, Grunge or Electronica that stimulates your heart and soul.  Listen to music that makes you feel like you are in a band playing a major concert or you are in a disco club dancing all night in the dance floor. This will surely pump up your adrenaline to help you energized the whole day.
  5. You also need to do regular exercise to get your blood flowing regularly through your body. You can start moving from your head doing up-center-down and left-center-right to your shoulders, waist, knees, to your legs up to your feet. Then you can have a 20 count jumping jack. This can regulate more oxygen throughout your body to help you not to fall asleep.
  6. You can also have a proper breathing to give you more oxygen. This can handle your anxiety and help you stay awake. Remember that proper breathing requires inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth.
  7. You can find a friend to stay and guard you as you feel sleepy. You need to make sure that you will keep each other motivated so that both of you stay focused on whatever you want to accomplish.
  8. You need to be sure that you get 8 hours of sleep every night. You need to make sure that you sleep on a regular basis to prevent you from falling asleep throughout a long day work.
  9. Finally, you can do a power nap. Sometimes that best way to avoid sleeping is to just go to the motion and go to sleep. But be sure that you just do a quick nap for 20-30 minutes so set your alarm for you to come back feeling recharged.  You need to compel yourself to wake up whatever happens. That is why, you really need to have a good friend to stay and guard you.

These are tips that you can follow to avoid feeling tired, sleepy or stressed out as you finish something very important in your work or at home. All of these can surely make you stay energized throughout a long day.


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