How To Stay Fit after 50

Life begins at 40 and the moment you reach 50 you should take care of your health. You should see to it that you are in shape physically, sexually and psychologically when you reach 50. Learn the tips for you to stay fit after 50.

  1. Know from the very start the benefits of staying fit after 50. This will serve as your motivation to really keep on going in staying fit. Well, the most obvious benefit is that you will have great opportunity to live long with a healthy life. This means that all your body parts function properly and your blood cholesterol is under control. You will have less possibility to be depressed and be anxious because you have less chance to acquire diabetes, high blood pressure, and other related heart diseases.  You will have a new energy and an active body because of your loss of excess weight and fat.
  2. Take plenty of rest but you need to make sure that you do not oversleep because it will make your body lethargic.
  3. Minimize yourself eating sweet foods and increase drinking water to wash out a lot of impurities from your body and to make regular digestion. Eat plenty of fruits and green leafy vegetables.
  4. Sustain a diet plan to know the proper foods to eat, the time to eat and to what extent you need to eat.
  5. Keep a regular check on your weight for yourself and not for anyone else so that your motivation is well alive.
  6. Make sure that your body receives all important nutrients and that eating of proteins, carbohydrates, and other minerals are well balanced.
  7. Have a regular exercise that you feel comfortable with like walking, cycling, aerobics, swimming, yoga or weight training and you need to make sure that you do this with a professional trainer.
  8. Get hold of a runner’s handbook to shape and keep you motivated to guide you as a runner at 50. If you could already run a mile, you can add small distances until you can run and not just jog for 3 – 5 miles. You will improve by adding mileage. Add not more than 10 percent a week and differ your running with speed and tempo. If you have run for a year already, you will observe that there are unbelievable improvements in your weight loss, in speed and in your endurance.
  9. Go to gym workouts to acquire a core strengthening program from sit-ups, push-ups, etc to totally eliminate all that middle-aged excess weight.
  10. Finally, see to it that you do regular health checkups.

These are the ways for you to stay fit after 50. You need to believe it first then be motivated and finally be discipline enough not to give up until you stay fit after 50 for you to live longer and stay healthy.


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