How To Stimulate Your Pressure Points Through Acupressure

The feet are one body part that you can easily massage by yourself, and through the ancient art of foot reflexology, they can affect the rest of your body. Rubbing the correct parts of the feet can attain all relaxation, energy generation, improved circulation and stimulation. If you want to apply acupressure on yourself, here are some tips to help you with your treatment:

  1. Learn about meridians. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, meridians are a network of channels, which carry life energy (chi) throughout the body. Using these channels, acupressure can restore and balance the body's energy, changing the way the organs work for the better. Some 600 points are accessible, and maps which display these meridians elaborately are available online. Use a map to locate the correct pressure point for the area you want to address.
  2. Breathe from your diaphragm, inhaling through the nose and exhaling from the mouth. The center of the body's chi lies in that area, and the nose-mouth breathing combination enforces the balanced flow you wish to extend to the rest of your body. Also, breathing well relieves tension, allowing you to be more aware of the treatment's effectiveness.
  3. Slight heat from the pressure point means the acupressure session is going well. If pain is generated, then there is too much pressure applied, and should be reduced.
  4. Wear massage socks. These socks have clearly indicated pressure points and their related organs printed on the fabric. Simply apply pressure with your thumb to induce soothing relief.
  5. Avoid sore thumbs. It is important to apply firm downward pressure over the pressure point, and this can generate stresses on the joints. When using your thumbs, the pressure needs to come from the arm instead of the thumb joint. This way, aching can be forestalled or entirely eliminated. You can also use the elbow or knuckle in exchange of your thumb.
  6. Use different pressure points near the area you wish to treat. Because people are different, you key area may be a little off-the-mark from established pressure areas. Determine your own points throughout a series of treatment.
  7. Observe your face. Many can notice distinct changes in facial expression during the session, and these reflect the effectiveness of each particular pressure and area. Sit in front of a mirror to monitor these changes.
  8. Find an expert. If you have questions after undergoing several treatments, nothing beats an expert who can pinpoint what works and what doesn't in your sessions.

Not only are these tips beneficial to yourself, but it also makes an excellent excuse to touch a new date or a lover. By sharing these ideas through clever banter, any person will willingly subject herself to a foot or body rub to relieve the aches of the day, and perhaps, something more.

Although sometimes relief is immediately gained, it usually takes days for the effect of acupressure to be felt. Be patient when undergoing this procedure, and continue treatment for long-lasting results.


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