How To Stop Arthritis Pain

Arthritis is an inflammation of joints that can cause extreme pain when left untreated. It is usually felt in different parts of the body such as the neck, hands, back, hip, knee and feet. It comes in many forms (gout, rheumatoid arthritis and lupus) and each has varying degrees of pain. This illness is commonly experienced by older people. It is mainly caused by constant fatigue, lack of physical exercise and poor diet nutrition. The good news is, there are ways that you can do to stop arthritis pain. Read on to learn more.

  1. Exercise a lot! One of the main causes of arthritis is not regularly exercising. This lack of physical movement can lead to stuck up joints that can be really painful. It hurt so much that it can keep you wide awake at nights and makes you cranky during the day. This type of lifestyle is not healthy at all. You can stop arthritis pain by exerting more effort by exercising your rusty muscles and joints. Start by gently stretching your arms neck, hands, legs and feet. If you can jog every morning, go do it to keep your heart pumping.
  2. Apply hot compress. For less strenuous method, prepare a hot compress. You can easily put this over on the joint that is inflamed. Lie down and relax. Inhale deeply and slowly exhale through your mouth. Feel your whole body start to loosen up a bit from your toes to your head. Continue doing this until you feel no pain at all. Just make sure that your hot compress is always warm enough to free your tight joints and muscles.
  3. Physical therapy. Go to the nearest hospital and look for a physical therapist that can untangle your joints. This technique is more advanced so make sure that you hire someone that is certified. You may feel a lot of pain during the therapy but as soon as it is done, you feel so much better!
  4. Have a massage. Treat yourself in a spa and have someone massage your whole body. This is a great relaxing technique and can surely relieve your from any arthritis pain that you might be experiencing.
  5. Drink some medicine. There are certain medications that you can get that are specifically design to help relieve any kind of arthritis pain. There are a lot of things to choose from. You can take pills or you can use menthol rubs or creams. If you are unsure, it is important that you consult your doctor first. This way, you know the right kind of medicine that you need to get.

In order for this procedure to become completely effective, be very consistent by following these steps regularly. Soon enough, you will be able to experience no pain at all! And if you continuously do this process, you will have a healthier body, stronger bones and leaner muscles. This will definitely make you a better person physically and mentally. However, if the pain intensifies, immediately consult your doctor for further analysis. Now what are you waiting for? Brave yourself by following these very simple steps. Good luck and do not forget to have fun!


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