How To Stop Dipping

Dipping tobacco, also known as "smokeless tobacco," is a common practice among people who want to avoid the pitfalls of smoking the substance. What they don't realize, however, is that dipping is just as dangerous as smoking, given the many side-effects it could bring, including cancer. So just how does one stop the habit of dipping?  Read on to learn how.

  1. Know that stopping dipping tobacco is a process. Stopping dipping is not an overnight process. It is also not something you simply decide and it immediately happens. It is as much a process as any other kind of addiction a human being undergoes. So after deciding to stop dipping, know that it's not a one-time, big-time deal. You have to go through it for a period of time, and you have to undergo several processes of remission and total elimination.
  2. Choose your method: slow, steady process or cold turkey?  Some people find it hard to quit an addiction just like that, while some can live with stopping for a day and never going back to the habit. Know which process feels more natural for you. Does going cold turkey sound a bit too risky and fast for you?  Then take the slow, steady route and eliminate dipping gradually from your system. Determining the best method that works for you will ultimately help you totally eliminate the habit of dipping tobacco.
  3. Acknowledge the fact that you may have a relapse. It's a natural part of the process--since you've taken something away, the tendency for your body is to seek that something that has been removed from its "normal" state. Some people even experience withdrawal symptoms such as vomiting and nausea. This is a part of the process, and it requires an intense amount of strength and willpower not to want to go back to dipping tobacco.
  4. Use a nicotine patch. The nicotine patch is one of the most innovative inventions of today. Most quitters of smoking rely on the nicotine patch for their supply of the substance, minus the harmful smoke. Maybe you can use this too instead of dipping tobacco, which is equally harmful to the body as smoking it. Be careful to use it in moderation, though, and remember that it is only to be used as a daily supply of nicotine and not as a remedy or a medication when you're craving a dose of the substance.
  5. Get something else to put in your mouth -- like food. When you've got your mouth occupied with other things, such as eating foods or drinking liquids, then the possibility of seeking tobacco will lessen. Try and eat up as much as you can, especially when the craving kicks in.

In severe cases, your doctor may ask you to get psychiatric help to facilitate your transition from dipping to completely annihilating it from your system. Your family's support is likewise crucial in this process, for they are the enablers--and disablers--that will motivate you to completely eradicate this harmful habit from your lifestyle.


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