How To Stop Having Heartburn

Is a burning sensation keeping you up at night? The pain and discomfort caused by heartburn or acid reflux and be excruciating and those who’ve never experienced it will not understand the level of pain you feel during a flare-up. The good news is you don’t have to suffer any longer. Follow these steps and you can reduce or possibly end your heartburn. For a guaranteed holistic program to end your heartburn for good, I recommend Heartburn No More. Best of all, it doesn't require antacids or drugs.

  1. Take an antacid. If heartburn is a rare thing or occurs only after a very heavy meal, then a few antacids should solve your problem. When heartburn occurs more than once a week, you may have acid reflux and a greater problem.
  2. Take a walk to relieve stress. Stress contributes to acid reflux. Taking a walk after dinner will help relax you and give your body time to digest your meal before bedtime.
  3. Eliminate the foods that aggravate heartburn. Foods include coffee, soda, chocolate, spicy foods, tomatoes, red wine and dairy products. Start by eliminating all of these from your regular diet. Once your heartburn is under control, you should be able to add back some of these items. Try by adding one item for a week to see if it aggravates your esophagus or not. Some of these acidic foods may contribute to heartburn but the only way to know for sure is to test them one at a time.
  4. Slow down at mealtime. Eating quickly or without thinking is a good way to overeat and upset your stomach. Slow down by taking small bites and setting the fork down between each bite. You will enjoy your meal more and it won’t fight back as often.
  5. Consult your doctor. Heartburn may be acid reflux or GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). There are reasons why stomach acid is backing up into your esophagus and causing you pain. Your doctor can help you determine the cause and possible treatment options.
  6. Adjust your sleep position. Many find that heartburn is at its worst during the night. If aching is keeping you up, try adjusting your sleep position so that your head and shoulders are raised above your stomach. It may be uncomfortable to sleep this way at first but the relief of your heartburn will make it easier to sleep.
  7. Consider an over-the-counter medication. There are several options for antacids that stop acid flare-ups or medications such as Prilosec or Zantac, which work to reduce the acid levels in your stomach.

Heartburn can put a dent in your day and keep you from enjoying your life. Take charge of your heartburn and stop flare-ups by following these steps.


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