How To Stop Thinking

The beauty of our brain is that it is always on and working. But when the end of the day hits and you just want to relax, it’s sometimes hard to stop the seemingly endless flow of thoughts through your mind. If you want to know how to stop thinking, or at least concentrate on something else, you can follow these easy steps.

Step 1

Move to a quiet environment. Your mind is always trying to process the environment around it. So when you're a bustling place, your brain is on overdrive. To help yourself stop thinking, you need to remove yourself from stressful, loud or ever-stimulating environments and find a place that is calm and relaxing. (For most, this is the peace of home. For others, it may be the public library or a yoga class.)

Step 2

Write down everything you need to remember. This may seem counterproductive when you're trying to stop thinking, but sometimes all your mind needs is the reassurance of knowing that it's written down before it will stop thinking about it. This is a great trick at bedtime too - keep a pad of paper beside your bed and write down anything that won't seem to leave your thoughts. You'll be surprised at how quickly you doze off after completing this simple task.

Step 3

Focus on something simple. To stop thinking, you may just need to refocus your thoughts to something else, anything else. Try counting backwards from 100 as you wiggle a toe each time (sounds silly, I know, but it takes enough concentration to get your mind off of everything else). Or at least close your eyes and think about your next vacation spot. Ideally, you could fall off into a daydream. But whatever you do, choose something to focus on that is relaxing and not stressful.

Step 4

Do something mindless. Try curling up with a book, coloring a picture with your child or watching a funny movie to help you stop thinking. Your brain has been working so hard all day that it probably just needs some quiet time so it can calm down. Give it time to do so by not stimulating it with something else. Do something easy and mindless for at least an hour and you'll feel better and less stressed immediately.

Step 5

Meditate. For many, the idea of meditating or stopping your thoughts is too much outside of your comfort zone. And that's fine. There are other ways to stop thinking. But if meditation is something you embrace, it will definitely work to help you stop thinking. And it will give you that added bonus of relaxing really quickly.

You can’t run forever on full speed or your system will eventually short-wire. The same goes for your body. It’s important to know how to stop thinking so that you can calm down, relax and reenergize at the end of the day. It will do wonders for your stress level and will let you focus on other, more appealing things.


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