How To Stretch Using Myofascial Release Technique

Myofascial release is one of the techniques used in massage therapy. This is aimed to release the tension in the muscles and connective tissues and realign body parts. This technique is also used to relieve stress, heal injuries, improve posture and increase the flexibility of your body. Below are some ways to stretch using myofascial release technique.

  • Direct and indirect therapies are the two techniques used in myofascial release therapy. In the direct release, low force is applied on the affected areas of your body to stretch it. The therapist will apply a few kilos of pressure using his elbow, his knuckles or his elbows to manipulate the deep tissues on the affected area. This release technique can be effectively used on the head, neck, face, torso, the pelvis, thigh, cervical portion of your body as well as your feet.
  • In the indirect release, low and restricted pressure is applied on the affected area, as the main goal of this technique is to provide heat and increase the blood circulation within the area. This technique lets the connectives tissues or the fascia to stretch and relax naturally. The pressure is applied by the therapist using only his fingers as opposed to the body parts used to apply pressure in the direct release technique.
  • There are also several myofascial exercises you can do on your own with the help of some exercise tools. For your adductor, lie on the floor face down and your elbows bent and your legs extended. Place a roller foam under your thigh near the groin area. Use your arms to roll your thigh over the roller foam in a forward and backward motion. Rest of the pain is unbearable until it subsides before you continue.
  • To relieve pain from your hamstrings, sit up on the floor and place the roller foam under your hamstrings. Support your body with your arms extended behind with your palms flat on the floor. Roll from your knee to your behind in a forward and backward motion with your legs crossed at the ankles. Alternate the crossing of your legs so that each leg will receive equal treatment. If there is a tender point, rest on that point until you feel the pain ease.
  • If you have pain in your quadriceps, lie face down on the floor with the legs extended and the tips of our toes touching the floor. Your elbows should be bent and the lowers arms resting on the floor. Place the roller foam under your pelvic area and roll up and down from pelvic bone towards your knee. Your abdominal area should be drawn in to prevent your lower back from compensating for the dips when you roll.
  • This one is for the upper lower back. Lie on the floor with your arms behind your head, your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Place the roller foam under your shoulder blades and lift your hips off the floor. Push your legs to roll you up and down, moving on the roller foam from your shoulder blades to your mid back and then back up again.

There are other exercise implements that you can use to stretch your muscles using the myofascial release techniques. One of these is the therapy ball that comes in different sizes. By draping your body over the ball and holding the position for several seconds and minutes you will feel the stretch of your muscles and relieve tightness.


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