How To Survive Arsenic Poisoning

Arsenic poisoning is not just the usual thing that you see in movies wherein the cheating lady tries to get rid of her husband by poisoning him slowly with arsenic in their food. Actually arsenic poisoning can happen everyday, and when you least expect it. It can even happen right in your own home. Once you accidentally ingested it, it is hard to remove the poison from the system. This is the reason why you must be treated immediately and the treatment is usually a long process. Chelation therapy is what is usually done whenever an arsenic poisoning has occurred to an individual.

Here are some more information on how to survive arsenic poisoning:

  1. The first that you need to know are the signs and symptoms of arsenic poisoning. There are a lot of factors that affect the absorption, distribution and excretion of both toxic heavy metals and essential minerals. One the most relied indication of poisoning is the hair level of toxic metals. However, though it is a good indicator of the presence and exact percentage of the toxins are in your body, this test is very expensive. Another test to indicate presence of toxins is the 24-hour urine test. If the arsenic poison stays long enough in your body without treatment, delusion, hallucination, and confusion may occur.
  2. Generally speaking, toxins such as those found in metals or other stuff usually found at home are not good for our health. These things that contain toxins are found everywhere and are the ones that we use everyday. So to speak, it is in everything that we normally do and can not live without. You can get your arsenic poison from pesticides that you use at home, and even in the water that you drink. You should be careful to keep away any kinds of pesticides that you use and store away from the water that you drink and generally use, even if the pesticide that you have is allegedly safe. There is no safe toxin. Gardening chemicals can be the usual source of arsenic poison.
  3. The heavy metal toxins such as arsenic, lead, and mercury that are accumulated inside your body for a long period of time can cause poor health to an individual. The symptoms for this may vary. These toxic metals are usually hard to remove since it usually accumulates in the brain. However there is a way to remove the toxin out of the body in a safe way by using the treatment called chelation therapy that works by mainly removing the arsenic poison out of your body. Eating just a little and mostly with protein and vegetable diet is advisable prior to chelation therapy treatment. During a chelation therapy, which is a treatment that can be done via IVs or orally, the liver is the one that processes the toxins out of the body and the process can be hard on your body’s system.

Getting treated with arsenic poisoning is a long and thorough process. This is why you have to be patient while being treated and also maintain a good health since the treatment can have side effects. 


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