How To Swallow 30 Pills At One Time Safely

For Many People Swallowing More Than One Pill At A Time Is Almost Impossible

How many of you have problems even swallowing one pill or capsule? Reasons for that range from fear of choking to dry pills that leave a terrible taste in your mouth. Natural reflex instincts your body uses in an almost unconscious fashion to protect you from swallowing something that might do harm to the body is the trigger for your difficulty.

So it becomes necessary to persuade the body and mind that the particular items you put into your mouth (purposely) are safe to swallow. Call it a training process anyone can easily and quickly do--it takes maybe 30 minutes. Think about it. You can easily swallow a big forkful of prime rib in one easy gulp, yet one tiny little pill half the size of a pea is a threat. Am I right?

Go through these training steps slowly:

    • Talk to your mind directly using your own convincing and persuasive techniques to convince yourself that what you are delivering into your mouth to swallow is not only safe but is of great benefit to you. Burn the thought into your brain. It doesn't know; you have to tell it.
    • Make the connection: If you know that you actually have easily swallowed large bolus chunks of food in your life without a single problem, even without thinking that it might not be possible, then you know for sure it's not the size of the group of pills that matters.
    • Understand clearly that you have a backup plan to instantly use if needed. You should always take pills with some fluid along with them. You can easily spit out everything in your mouth if things aren't going right. You can swallow some of the pills and fluid, and then spit, cough, or gag the rest out of your mouth--that's an automatic reflex the body uses anyway.

      Adding more fluid to the mixture before swallowing may be necessary--you'll know from trial and error what works for you.

Step by step process:

    1. Insert one or many pills into your mouth, below or on top of the tongue.
    2. Use your tongue to group the pills together in a bundle the first few times. Later you'll find they can just be thrown into the mouth anywhere and you won't move them around until fluid is added. Know that any bitter or bad taste of the pills will be immediately removed when you add fluid to your mouth.
    3. Group the pills at the back of the tip of the tongue but not so far back on the tongue or in the mouth that you trigger the gag or swallow reflex. You'll know.
    4. Add your choice of fluid to your mouth, preferably not carbonated, spicy, or hot drinks because they stimulate sensors in the mouth and on the tongue that utterly sabotage your efforts. The volume of fluid you add to your mouth is a matter of your choice and ease of swallowing comfort. Make sure it is adequate--not too much or too little. It's different for everyone.
    5. Next, use your tongue to slosh the fluid around in your mouth enough to cover every pill surface entirely.
    6. Move the bolus of pills and fluid to the very back of the tongue, ready to swallow.
    7. Tilt your head back a moderate amount, with your chin upwards, as you move the bolus to the back of the mouth. The idea is to use gravity to assist in the swallowing process. If you tilt your head too far back, it automatically stops tongue movement and swallowing reflexes.
    8. Intentionally create the instruction to your brain (tell yourself exactly what you are going to do)......swallow everything all together in one swallow! If you don't think that thought, the old defensive reflexes that have always interfered with you being able to do this are reactivated.

The time to complete the eight steps averages about four seconds....give or take. By adding up the time you wasted during your life in taking one pill at a time, you have 4 more days of life to do fun things! And taking pills in the future ceases to be a worry you don't need or deserve. It works for me, and I know it'll work for you.


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