How To Switch Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills, also called contraceptive pills, are a type of daily pill taken by women. It is a birth control method, which contains hormones to change how the body works and prevent women from being pregnant. It is a combination of progesterone and estrogen, which prevent the ovaries from ovulating. The level of hormones in the pills varies on the type of birth control pills given by your doctor.

Women react differently to pills. Some may experience depressions, weight gain, mood swings fatigue and even nausea. These side effects may cause some women to change their birth control pills in order to find the suitable pill for them. However, changing contraceptive pills is not a small matter. You need to consider several aspects before you decide which pill to take. The following guidelines will help you how to switch birth control pills.

  1. Talk to your gynecologist. Before switching birth control pills, make sure you talk with your gynecologist first. Tell your gynecologist about the effects that you are experiencing with your current pills and talk about how it affects you. Your gynecologist can give you some advice if the new birth control pill you want to try is different medically from the pill you are currently taking. You can also get some idea whether the side effects you are experiencing are normal or not.
  2. Know when the right time to switch is. If you are in mid-cycle, it is advisable that you continue using your current pill. If you fail to do so, this can reduce the effectiveness of the pill and leave you unprotected. Switching at the wrong time can also cause major side effects such as breakthrough bleeding.
  3. Take placebo pills. To help you adjust to your new pill, it is advisable to take placebo or sugar pills. Contraceptive pills are usually on 21-day cycles with 7 days free from pill before you start your next pack. If your gynecologist agreed to switch a new pill on your next cycle, you need to take placebo pills during your 7 days of free-pill. During this time, you will have your period and your body can easily adjust to the new pill.
  4. Start on your new pill. Once you finish taking your placebo pills, you can begin taking your new contraceptive pills instead of the old ones. Just remember to wait until your system has fully adjusted to the new pill. Once you take a new pill, you need to wait for at least seven days before it becomes effective. Remember to use other contraceptives like condoms, when you’re still waiting for your new pill to take effect.
  5. Wait for a few cycles before judging your new pill. Once you begin on your new pill, you may experience some preliminary side effects like headaches. When this happens, you may need to endure it for some time before deciding whether your new pill is right for you or not. Give it two to three cycles. It may take several months before your body can adjust to the hormonal change that take place. However, if the symptoms you are experiencing bothers you, try consulting your gynecologist.

These are the steps on how to switch birth control pills properly. Make sure you take the pill the same time everyday to make sure the pills are effective.


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