How To Take a Baby's Temperature

When your child is feeling warm, the first thing you need to do is to take your baby’s temperature. Your baby’s temperature is one of the first things your doctor will ask when you decide to take your baby to the hospital. Your doctor will also probably ask what method you used in taking your baby’s temperature.

There are different methods on how you can get the temperature of your baby. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. Although the two most effective methods are through your baby’s rectum and axillaries, you should at least learn how to take your baby’s temperature using other methods. The following shows the different ways on how to take temperature.

Rectal Temperature. Taking your baby's temperature rectally is proven to be the most effective means of getting an accurate reading for children age three and below. To take a rectal reading, first you have to make sure that the thermometer you will use is clean. Wash the thermometer and dry it. After cleaning the thermometer, put a petroleum jelly on your baby’s bottom for lubrication. It is important that you hold your baby firmly so the thermometer will not fall off. Be sure that you will be gentle when you insert the thermometer. Wait for about a minute before you remove it.

Axillary reading
. Another method of taking your baby’s temperature is through his or her armpits. The step in this method is a little bit tricky so you need to pay attention. When getting an axillary reading, make sure that the thermometer is clean and your baby’s armpits are dry. Place the thermometer under your baby’s arm. Firmly press your baby’s arm against the side of its body. Wait for about three to four minutes before letting go. When you read the temperature, always add 0.5 degree Celsius. This is important to correct the lower external body temperature.

Use thermometer sticker. Another way of checking your baby’s temperature is by using a forehead sticker. It is the easiest to use, but it can be inaccurate. So make sure you have an alternative means to check whether the reading is precise or not. This type of method is good for checking your baby’s temperature while on the go.

Use an ear thermometer. These days, using ear thermometer is the most common means of checking your baby’s temperature. Most doctors use this method now. To get your baby’s temperature using this device, just simply insert the end of the device into your baby’s ear and press the button. However, this device is not your best option if your baby is suffering from any ear problems. If your baby has some ear infections, it is best to use other methods. This device is also the most expensive among other thermometers. However, it is worth the investment since it can give you an accurate reading.

The following methods will help you determine if there is anything wrong with your baby. Nevertheless, you should also consult your doctor about this.


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