How To Take Care of Severe Diaper Rash

Infants are susceptible to diaper rash. Because of their soft and sensitive skin, they are likely to get rashes when using diapers. Basically, diaper rashes appear when skin is irritated.

Irritation is caused by two factors. The primary cause of skin irritation is prolonged contact of wet skin with clothing or diaper. This usually happens when babies are left lying in wet diapers or clothing. The wetness reacts with the skin as it is rubbed with the diaper. It becomes reddish and eventually becomes irritated. Once irritated, rashes appear and will become abrasions as the skin keeps being chafed. Another cause is exposure to chemicals. Some chemicals found in diapers, baby wipes, lotions or sprays can be harmful for babies. This can be very painful especially when the rash becomes infected with harmful substances.

Fortunately, severe rashes are easily avoided and treated. Follow the pointers below on how to take care of severe diaper rash.

Keeping it dry. Prevent rashes or further irritation by keeping the baby’s skin dry. Always check the diaper for wetness. Do this at least every hour. Replace the wet diaper with a clean and dry one.

If a baby wets his diaper, the first thing to do is to lay the baby over a changing mat. Then remove the wet diaper slowly to prevent spilling urine or poop. Fold or wrap the dirty diaper. Set it aside to be thrown later.

Rinse the baby’s genital and anal area by using warm water. Use bulb syringe to spray a small amount of water. Wipe the area with cotton or cloth to clean the area. Do not use wipes. Dry the baby by using a fresh and dry cloth. Put in a new diaper after.

Get the right stuff. Take note of the baby care products being used. At the moment any of it causes any rashes or irritation to the baby, discontinue use immediately. Use only products that the baby is comfortable with.

Consult with a pediatrician. The easiest way to heal or take care of a severe diaper rash is to consult a pediatrician. Have the baby examined by the specialist. Ask the doctor for other tips and medication.

Use wet cloth instead of wipes. One of the most important tips is substituting wet or dry cloth for baby wipes. Most baby wipes contain substances, which could be irritating for the baby’s skin. Though this is not always the case, be sure that it is not harmful to the baby before using products regularly.

Using ointments. Never use ointments without consulting a pediatrician. Medication for babies and adults are very different and may not be interchangeable without a doctor’s advice. Only use the exact product. Accept no substitutes.

Go bare. Keep the baby bare from time to time. Allow baby to spend time without diaper or clothing to let the rash to dry. This is also a good preventive measure.

Infants usually suffer from diaper rashes at least once in infancy. Do not be alarmed. It is treatable and can be prevented most of the time. Be smart and remember the tips on how to take care of a severe diaper rash.


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