How To Take Medication Safely

Medication is a term used for drugs taken to cure or alleviate a symptom or condition. There are many types of medications prescribed depending on the body type, weight and age. For example, tablets are primarily prescribed for adults and teens while syrups are given to children. Medication is an art or science of treating diseases. It is to restore or preserve one’s health or physical condition by means of drugs, surgical operations or manipulations.

Provided are tips on taking medication. These prevent any form of harm that may be caused, due to fatal medication error.

  • Combination of Multiple Medications Thinking that you will remember which pill you will take or not, anyone can make a mistake that could lead to a dangerous or fatal medication error, or medication program error. Relying on memory alone may cause confusion when taking multiple medications.
  • Medication Organizer – If you are taking various kinds of medicines, try to use an organizer for each day of the week. It is important that the regular intake of prescribed drugs follow the specific pattern and dosage given by a physician.
  • Wrong Dosage of Medicine Intake – Never try to self-medicate. Follow the required number of hours between medicine intakes to avoid over-dosage.
  • Check for Expiration Dates – Immediately dispose of any drug or medicine that is “expired” or “discontinued”. Expired medicines may lose its effectiveness and can sometimes cause a health breakdown. It is advised to keep track of drugs in storage just to be updated on the expiration dates and not to be confused with what you need to take or not..
  • Self Medication – We all know that self medication is a cost-cutting measure for a typical family that does not have money to go to a doctor for prescriptions. Do not hesitate to seek or ask help from a doctor. Self-medication may worsen the state of your illness.
  • Taking Someone Else’s Medication – A typical person that has a normal sickness, like cough or colds, are advised to take different kinds of medicines. It is better if you consult a doctor and take the prescribed medication to cure your actual illness.
  • Read the Labels for Proper Medication – It is not a good practice to rely on your memory to remember the medication that your doctor gave you. Always read the label, no matter how many times you open the container. A medication error can be prevented if you will read and understand what the label of the medication indicates because this will serve as a safety measure for your health.
  • Time Consistency – If you want your medication to be effective, you need to take note of the proper time spacing. Time consistency will help avoid mishaps in taking medication.

Following these tips will help you avoid committing medication errors and will help you feel better. A famous quotation states that preventing something is better than curing it. This can be your guide to proper medication and in treating your illness in the right manner. The proper intake of medicine dosages is greatly advised for you to get the right medicine or drug to cure your illness.


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