How To Take Sitz Baths

First of all, what is a sitz bath? A sitz bath, which is designed for easing the symptoms of hemorrhoids, prostate pain and menstrual cramps, among others, is a plastic tub that can be placed over the toilet. Here are some guidelines to remember for taking sitz baths effectively:

  • Know how to choose a sitz bath. A sitz bath is actually very simple; it’s just a plastic tub designed to fit over the toilet bowl. When purchasing a sitz bath, it’s important that it fits securely over the toilet bowl, and that water can drain to the toilet so it doesn’t overflow once you sit on it. You should make sure also that you can comfortably fit your behind inside the sitz bath. You might also want to purchase a sitz bath that comes with a water bag and tubing, to ensure the continuous flow and replenishment of the water in the container. An alternative you can consider is to buy special sitz baths that come with a chair, so you wouldn’t have to use the toilet every time. If you want to enjoy some high-tech features, you might want to purchase sitz baths with built-in water heaters, or which can double as a bidet.
  • Make sure that the sitz bath is clean. Do make sure that the sitz bath is used exclusively for its designed purposes: do not allow anybody to confuse it as a bowl for mixing fruit salads! Before and after using the sitz bath, make sure that you thoroughly clean and disinfect it. Store it properly in the bathroom.
  • Place warm water on the sitz bath. Make sure that the water is comfortably warm and not too hot; you wouldn’t want to scald your sensitive regions with it. Test the water and see if it’s as hot as you can comfortably handle. The water should fill the tub to about two inches high. It’s best that you only use water, but some prefer to add salt or even some aromatherapy oils (this might cause infection, so be careful!). Some people who have vaginal yeast infection add vinegar to the water. Again, plain warm water is still best, and you should inquire with your doctor if he can recommend that you add anything else.
  • Sit on the tub. Simply sit on the sitz bath for a minimum of 30 minutes; make sure that only your body’s middle section is immersed on the water. The warm water will provide you with relief, as well as promote greater blood stimulation. Shift your body every once in a while, to make the water move. Do be careful not to touch the water with your hands.
  • Be careful when you get up. It’s best that you have somebody else assist you while you are getting up from the sitz bath, to avoid any accidents.

There you have it! These are just some of the important guidelines to remember so you could take your sitz bath. Remember, it’s very important that you keep the entire process hygienic, and that you continuously do this treatment so you could experience the best results. Good luck, and hope this helped!


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