How To Tell if Someone Is Suicidal

Here are some points on how to tell is a person is suicidal.

It is hard to determine if and when someone is suicidal. Most people don’t give warnings at all. There are many factors that should be considered to determine if a person is suicidal. Factors include mental or stress-related problems and relationship issues. When a person is experiencing depression or is feeling a detachment from enjoyable things in life, they tend to perform rash actions that may lead to self-inflicted pain, or worse, to committing suicide. They might confide in others about committing suicide in a joking manner, but at times, their intentions may be unclear.

One way to tell if a person is suicidal is when he shows depression recurrently. Usually, depression is caused by stress or mental fatigue. When a person is overstressed regarding some issues that he can’t solve, he may see suicide as the only way out.

A change in patterns of sleep is also one way to tell if a person is suicidal or not. People with big problems on their mind tend to have mental stress and end up thinking of committing suicide. A common issue in sleeping disorders is when a person is having financial problems or relationship problems. Putting too much stress on thinking how to resolve a problem tends to strain not only your mind but also your mental health. If the mind is too stressed to think clearly or to retain perspective, then some might resort to committing suicide to escape all of their problems. This is usually how a suicidal person thinks--perspective is lost and the person's problems become all consuming.

Having very low self-esteem is one of the factors to tell if a person is prone to commit suicide. Some factors that influence a person's self-esteem are:

  • Constantly being humiliated in front of a crowd.
  • Being criticized by friends or family.
  • Being denied love or attention.
  • Always being compared to others unfavorably.

Failing grades is one factor to consider if someone plans on committing suicide. This usually happens to teenagers who are scared to tell their parents the real reason why their grades are failing. Some are bullied, while others have relationship problems or the feeling of being different from others. They tend to hide their feelings rather than tell anyone hence they start to think that no one can help them.

Appetite loss or excessive eating is considered a coping mechanism to respond to depression that may lead to suicide. Emotional eating is one of the ways that people use to deal with unresolved issues.

A sudden act of being passionate to people just because the person may never see them again is also considered a likely sign that someone is considering suicide. At some point, they will be too affectionate, nice or expressive of their emotions. They do these things because they are thinking about how they want to be remembered.

Some people see committing suicide as a cowardly way to run away from your problems or make excuses but for people who are considering suicide, it can sometimes seem like the only way out of a deeply troubled life or situation.


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