How To Tell if You are a Shopaholic

You have needs in this world, of which food, clothing, and shelter are the most basic. And because these needs have to be met, you need to shop. Shopping is a normal and regular thing you usually do because, well, you need to eat, you need to dress up and you need to make your home as comfortable as possible. Shopping, an integral part of your daily life, is generally considered a chore rather than a leisure activity. And yet, shopping can also be entertaining, uplifting and fulfilling, though unfortunately it has its precarious side, as shopping can also be addicting.

Much like alcohol, shopping can get into your system, making you develop a habit of purchasing things for the heck of it, or just to make you happy rather than to address a real need.

Whether you belong to the higher or lower income brackets, being a shopaholic can be detrimental to you and your family. The issue in being a shopaholic is not just overspending. The problem is not just about money but more in your inability to manage self-control. A shopaholic condition is a crisis that requires immediate and serious attention. It is thus important for you to find out if you are a shopaholic.

  • Let your closet "talk". Open your closet and make an inventory of its contents. If you see more clothes and bags than you can wear and use at one time in a year, then you are, no doubt, a shopaholic.
  • Visit your food storage. Do you have at least ten goods that will expire at the same time this week? That only goes to show you shopped more than you needed.
  • You have pairs of shoes that you have not worn yet from the time you bought them a year or more ago. This confirms you have been splurging and buying shoes, even with no occasion to wear them.
  • You consciously look at the labels of your friends' bags, shoes, clothes or accessories. Not only that, you even ask them from what shops they were bought, with a plan at the back of your mind that you will soon visit those shops.
  • Your bills are overdue. You are having a difficult time balancing your finances because of credit card charges that you have been paying for every month.
  • When shopping, you have an unexplainable "high" and exuberance. This is something you don't normally feel on ordinary days.
  • As you load your "loot" in your car trunk, you feel exhilarated especially as you survey the shopping bags piled on top of the other. But when you get home, you suddenly feel guilty as soon as you bring the bags in your house.
  • You hide your shopping sprees from your family or close friends.

 If you think you have the warning signs mentioned above, it's time you make a serious assessment of yourself and plan your own "rehabilitation". Though being a shopaholic is not as serious as substance addiction, it must nonetheless be corrected if you want to avoid the possible complications that it can cause later in your life.


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