How To Tone Legs

Toning your legs means improving the strength of your legs. Every woman dreams of having sexy looking toned legs but many just do not know how to start achieving them.

Plan your regimen. Not all people would consider going to a doctor prior to starting an exercise program. However, if you are unsure of your health status, if you have asthma, arthritis, pain in the joints, or if you are taking medication to manage a chronic condition it is highly recommended to seek your doctor’s advice. Your doctor is able to tell you the fitness program that is ideal for you and for acquiring the result you intend to achieve. If in case you do not think visiting a doctor is necessary, you can choose to enroll to a gym where an instructor is available to help and guide you throughout the training or have a specific program which you can do at home. If you choose the latter, you need to determine what exercises to do, what equipment or machines you need to use, and how often you should workout.

Do squats. Referred as the king of all leg exercises, squats build muscle mass in the thighs, hips, and rear. Squats are also very effective in toning the lower back, shins, and calves. When you perform squats, it is recommended to do full range and go below parallel for best results. However, just like any form of exercise, squats may lead to injury if done improperly. You can exercise in front of the mirror to observe your posture or have someone check your form. It is important to maintain a near-erect position to avoid injury to the back muscles or discs.

Do lunges
. You can start by standing with your hands on your hips, feet about eight inches apart and your upper body straight up. Step forward with your right foot and with your left foot kept in place. Keep your back erect and stomach tight then bring your body lower until your left knee is just about three inches off the ground. Push your right foot into the floor and go back to your starting position in order to do the same with your left leg. Perform this exercise slowly and do at least three sets of eight lunges for each leg. After a week you may incorporate barbell and/or dumbbell lunges in your routine. Lunges are great for toning legs and work the rear, hip flexors, and calf muscles too.

Do leg extensions. Leg extension exercises isolate and build the front thigh muscles.  You need a leg extension machine to perform this routine or just a sturdy chair plus weights if the machine is not available. Sit on the machine with your lets under the padded bar. Keep your back relaxed and you may hold the side bars with your hands for support. Extend as high as possible to achieve thigh contraction then go back to starting position.

There are many other leg exercises you can do to achieve toned legs. However, it is important to incorporate some cardiovascular workouts and proper diet to yield best results. Cardiovascular workout can be walking and running which you can do outdoors or on a treadmill. Although cardio exercises do not concentrate on toning your legs, the routine will help build your endurance, which is highly important to performing other forms of exercises.


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