How To Tread Water for Aqua Fitness Workouts

Doing exercises in the pool is an easier way to keep fit and healthy without too much stress being put on the joints and muscles in certain parts of the body. Aqua fitness workouts are great for burning fat and toning the muscles using the natural resistance provided by the water. It is helpful to those people who find it too stressful to execute some exercise movements on land. The water’s buoyancy helps people to move more smoothly and perform difficult exercises with ease. Aqua fitness workouts are all-encompassing. These workouts include cardiovascular exercises, workout to maintain your muscle flexibility, endurance and strength. One of the fastest ways to burn fat is by learning to tread water during an aqua fitness workout.  It is an aerobic exercise that aims to strengthen the muscles of you upper and lower body.

  1. Practice treading water at the shallow end of the pool. Stretch your arms out to your sides with your lower arms slightly bent from the elbows. Maintain a straight upper body position as you move our legs in a scissors kick motion moving your legs backward and forward as if you are making giant strides. Keep the motion fluid while you move your arms together towards your front and then cutting the water to move your arms to your sides.
  2. Your hands should meet in front of our body with the open palms together, then twist your hands so the back of your hands are facing each other. Spread your hands and arms out until your arms are aligned with your shoulders. Turn your hands so that your palms are now facing front and bring them close together. Repeat this movement in fluid repetitions timed with your leg movements.
  3. Strive to keep your body straight and your abdomen and tummy flexed while you perform the treading exercise.
  4. Stay in the shallow part of the pool until you are more confident. Keep your knees bent while you are in the shallow end so that your feet will not touch the floor of the pool. Move to a middle part of the pool as you continue to gain confidence so that you can stretch your legs more while still having the security of extending your legs to reach the pool floor when you get tired.
  5. Move to the deeper part of your pool when you are very confident that you can execute the treading exercise while keeping your head above water. Do the treading exercise for twenty minutes. Repeat about two or three times more or until you feel tired.
  6. Increase the degree of resistance by using only your legs to keep your head above water. Bend your arms at the elbows and hold your lower arms above water, your forearms at shoulder level. Practice until you can stay upright in the water for several minutes.

Regular exercise will ensure that you have a healthier and fitter body. Aqua fitness workouts are exercising easier and more fun and allow you to exercise longer without feeling undue stress. Treading water is just one of the modes of water aerobic exercises that ensure that all parts of your body are getting equal amounts of workout. 


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