How To Treat a Bullet Wound at Home

Wounds caused by gunshots are commonly resulting from accidents due to negligence and lack of safety precautions. You need to understand that it is one of the most serious forms of bodily injury. When you are confronted by this situation you need to be aware that panic will just aggravate the situation. To avoid panic, you should have at least the basic understanding on how to respond to any given situation with regard to treating bullet wounds especially when this happens at home. Of course it is but common sense to bring the victim to the hospital as soon as possible. But before that quick response from 911 arrives, you must administer some first aid to the victim immediately. Consider the following procedures when you need to attend to gunshot injuries.

Make sure you do something to stop the bleeding. You can put direct pressure to the wound using cloth or cotton, but if you don’t have the luxuries of these materials, your finger and palm would be all right. You can also try to manipulate the nearest pressure points located in the armpit, elbow, groin, and back of the knee. If the wound bleeds from the chest or abdomen, do your best effort to bring the victim to the nearest hospital's emergency room. Bleeding like this usually brings the victim to death.

You must check the victim status: Is he conscious or unconscious? Is the victim breathing? Does he have any other injuries in the head, spinal cord or neck due to fall? If there is such an injury, be very careful in moving the victim, so that you don’t make his/her condition worse. Bring the victim to the best possible position in order to allow good breathing. Check the victim for regular breathing. If the victim is having hard time breathing, you can perform rescue breathing procedure also known as mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. It is a process of slow continuous introduction of air through the mouth for around five seconds. Continue the process until the victim regains normal breathing. The regular supply of air to the brain is very important at this stage where we need to supply the brain with the right amount of oxygen.

Check on the victim for some important vital signs. Try to find out if the victim has a discernible pulse movement. It is a sure sign that the victim is still alive and has a great chance of survival. We cannot know how the gunshot wound affected the victim’s overall organ functions until proper medical attention is given in the hospital. Knowing how to treat bullet wounds at home or at the place of incident can mean one life saved.

This is the reason why it always helps if you have one time or another taken up some training on cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR). If you have the necessary training you could perform CPR on a person, in case of emergency, and while waiting for the medical authorities to come. CPR may not restart the heart, but it maintains the flow of oxygenated blood to the heart and brain.


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