How To Treat a Hernia

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A hernia is a condition where portions of the intestine slip through abdominal muscle, the upper thigh or the groin. This is caused by over exertion or weak abdominal walls, and can be prevented by eating foods that are low in fat and high in protein content. If you have a hernia, this is how to treat it:

  1. To avoid making your hernia worse, avoid lifting heavy objects because this puts strain on your abdomen. Ask for assistance from others or make use of devices to help you lift objects.
  2. Constant coughing puts stress on your stomach and makes the muscles of your abdomen squeeze and strain. See your doctor and ask for a prescription of cough medicine to avoid worsening your hernia.
  3. Bearing down when you are having your bowel movements would aggravate a hernia. To prevent this, eat fiber-rich food like fruits and vegetables to produce smoother and easy-to-release feces. Have regular bowel movements to prevent the building up and hardening of the feces inside your large intestines.
  4. Hernias are treated through immediate surgery. However, minor hernias that don't cause pain and don't increase in size may be operated on a later date. If you have medical conditions that may result to complications during surgery, you will not receive surgery but your hernia will be monitored regularly. If the intestines become strangulated because they got stuck into the abdominal wall, surgery is performed to avoid cutting off the blood supply to the intestines.
  5. Some hernias with wide openings are not operated on especially if you don't display symptoms of intestinal strangulation because the risk of this happening is very low. However, you will be monitored for any symptoms that indicate strangulation of the intestines.
  6. Wear a surgical belt or abdominal binders. There are cases when surgery isn't possible because of complications that may arise due to medical conditions. You can wear a surgical belt or abdominal binders to hold the hernia in place. This is similar to tight elastic underwear and you could buy this in drugstores and medical supply stores. However this will not cure the hernia but only relieve discomfort.
  7. Push the hernia. Lie down on your back on a flat surface. Relax and take deep, slow breaths and slowly push your intestines back into your stomach using your fingers. You could seek medical assistance in treating reducible hernias or hernias that can be pushed back into the abdomen. You will be given pain relievers and muscle relaxants during the procedure. If it can't be done, it may be trapped in the abdominal wall and this requires surgery.
  8. Do alternative treatments, like meditation, acupuncture, and mild exercise to minimize the hernia. Just make sure to talk with your doctor regarding any alternative procedures you may have because some treatments may cause your hernia to worsen or produce other problems to your health.

Hernias can be treated in various ways according to your preferences, your tolerance, your situation and your budget. Pick the treatment that is best suited for you and watch for signs of improvement to test for its effectiveness.


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