How To Treat a Jammed Finger

Jammed finger

Anyone who has ever broken a bone in his or her lifetime can tell you exactly how it happened, when it happened, and what had to be done to take care of it.  There are thousands of injuries that occur in sports, but some injuries are just part of an everyday cycle.  One of the most common injuries (of all ages) is a jammed finger.  Here are some helpful ways to treat a jammed finger.

First thing you should do is make sure that the finger is not broken.  If there is a lot of bruising, swelling or if the person cannot move his or her finger in any way, chances are the bone has been broken.  Always assess the severity of situation at hand before making any kind of hasty decision.  If you think that the bone is broken and not just jammed, immobilize the finger as much as possible and get the person to the hospital as soon as possible.  From there, the doctors can make an assessment of how best to treat the injury.

If the person is able to move the finger the slightest bit, then the bone is probably not broken and the finger is jammed.   Have the person move his or her finger around to see what kind of mobility he has.  If it is extremely painful to wiggle or bend the finger, wrap some tape around the injured finger along with the good finger right beside it.  The good finger will act as a splint and with the two wrapped together, the injured finger will not be able to move around.  You can also use some Popsicle sticks (if you have those around) to place on both sides of the finger (to act as a makeshift splint) and wrap it up with tape.

Lastly, you can treat a jammed finger by soaking it with warm water with an Epsom salt mixture.  This combination, along with some ibuprofen, can help aid in reducing the swelling and pain involved with the jam.  Some sport creams used for sore muscles can also be used as well.

In conclusion, you just have to make sure whether or not the bone is broken before taking further action.  It all comes down to how severe the finger jam is and the best course of action that should be taken.  Always assess, assess, assess, and always err on the side of a doctor's opinion. 


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