How To Treat a Mite Bite

Mites don't really like biting humans. Their favorite is to snack on dead animals. So, if you get so unlucky to get those rash-like mite bites, you should act on those immediately. Leaving the bites untreated might cause more serious infection or scarring.

Here are the steps to follow when trying to treat mite bites:

  1. Wash. Mites are usually attached on the victim's skin, trying to bite it more. You can effectively remove the mites by thoroughly washing the affected area with hot and soapy water.
  2. Apply. Put on antihistamine cream to relieve the itchiness. Spread antiseptic cream also to combat any possible infection. Before you put anything on your skin, make sure to test the product on a not-so-noticeable part. You want to test how your skin will react on that cream before you spread it on the mite bites.
  3. Avoid. Never ever scratch the mite bites no matter how itchy the affected part is. You'll only cause infection and scarring. If you can't help it, better wear gloves or cover the bitten area with clean cloth. This should prevent you from scratching the bites.
  4. Monitor. Continue monitoring the mite bites. Note some changes on the bites. Did the bites started to relieve the redness or did these got worse? Taking note of any changes is very important to know whether your medication is working or not.

The bites should be already clear after a week. Consider going to a doctor if the bites are not gone by that time or if your condition became worse. Your doc will know the best way to treat the mite bites.

After treating your mite bites, you are now ready to start eliminating mites. You can't make sure you'll never suffer mite bites again unless you have perfectly eliminated the culprit.

Mites usually thrive on pests, especially birds and rats. If you have these pests, they are maybe the source of mites. Check your pet if it has mites on its skin. Bring it to your vet immediately. The vet will give you proper prescriptions and what to do to help your pet get rid of those pests.

While your pet is treating its mite infestation, better protect yourself from possible mite bites again. Wear long sleeves every time you come in contact with your pet. You can keep your pet away, too, say in an isolated room in your house.

Spraying pesticides on the infested area will help in eradicating mites. Make sure you will use a pesticide especially made for killing mites. If the animals causing the mites are not yours, then you can also use bird control or rodent control along with the pesticide.

Try to do everything you can to eliminate the mites. If you are unsuccessful, consider calling professional pest control team. They are expert on eradicating pests like mites. This can be a bit costly but at least, you are sure you won't have to immediately suffer mite bites again.


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