How To Treat a Pinched Nerve

Acupuncture needle

A pinched nerve is an agonizing condition in the body that causes tremendous pain. This can be caused by lifting something heavy, turning or twisting your body in an unusual manner or simply just a condition that happens inside your body without a specific cause. There are many methods to treat a pinched nerve that can be taken to help alleviate some of the pain.

  • One specific method used to treat this condition is acupuncture. Many people have had very successful results in using this as a treatment. Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine that has been used in many cases to treat a pinched nerve. The main focus of this method is to help relieve the pain and also increase the correct course of energy through the tracts of the areas that are damaged. There will be needles injected into regions that will encourage appropriate neurological movement through the affected area. Often, acupuncture involving an electrical stimulus of the needles will also be used to treat a pinched nerve.
  • Localized and oral herbal medications are used with acupuncture to aid in appropriate function and find the base problem of what is causing the pinched nerve.
  • Cupping, a process of using glass or bamboo cups put on the skin with suction, is popularly used in combination with acupuncture and the herbal medications. This is thought to help with the run of blood and energy throughout the body. Cupping is also used with these other treatments to assist in loosening soft tissue limitations that may be compacting the nerve networks in the area of pain.

There are many methods that can be used to treat a pinched nerve, but acupuncture has been known to be very helpful in relieving pain and calming nerve problems. Sometimes, this may not be the answer and there may be more treatment needed. It may depend on the area that the pinched nerve is located at in the body. There are certain areas that will require surgery in order to correct the issue. It is very important to try and use other methods of treatment first before having to opt for surgery. Acupuncture is one method that is attempted first to try and repair the problem. Then if necessary, surgery may be the only alternative.


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