How To Treat Addiction

Any addiction is treatable, but treating addiction takes a lot of will, time and focus for any treatment to succeed. When you start to treat an addiction, you may feel like undergoing the most difficult and loneliest task in the world. For some, treating the addiction is like jumping off a speeding car. But then others have tried to walk on this path before. They were able to get past the cravings, are still alive, and have made new lives for themselves--free from addiction.

Addictions may be treated differently. Two people may have the same addictions but the path to each one's freedom from addiction may be different from each other. Below are some steps to treat addiction.

  1. Admit that you have an addiction problem. This is the first step in treating your addiction. Some people deny that they are addicts or have become addicted to something. Until you are ready to admit that you have become addicted, you will not be able to get on the road to freedom from addiction.
  2. Assess your life. Your addiction has probably taken over your life. Without it, you feel incomplete or unhappy. Look closely at your life, and see if your addiction is worth tying your whole life to it.
  3. Get the addictive substance out of your life. Whatever it is that is causing your addiction, you should throw it out. No ifs or buts. Go cold turkey. It is much harder to resist the cravings when they come if you are still keeping a small portion of that addictive substance just near you or beside you.
  4. Find out what caused the addiction. Sometimes, addiction happens as a way of coping or dealing with problems. Identify the cause so that you can work out a better solution to it.
  5. Go out with friends. Don't go sulking in a corner. Get out and do some other stuff. When you are not doing anything, you tend to feel stronger cravings. So go out and have fun. Just remember to choose the friends you will be going out with. If these friends of yours have the same addiction as yours, it wouldn't help if you go out with them.
  6. Join a support group. There are others who are undergoing the same kind of feelings and cravings as you - or who have already gone through those stages, and are now okay. Sharing their company and finding inspiration in how they have overcome their personal battles should give you added strength and motivation to persevere in treating your addiction.
  7. Let your family and close friends know about your addiction. Support from the people closest to you will be a big help in treating your addiction. If you need reminders and encouragement, they will willingly give it to you, no questions asked.
  8. Commit to change. There is no magic cure for addiction and you do not become free from addiction overnight. No matter how long it takes to be free, be firm.
  9. Continually rise up. A lot of times, relapse happens. It doesn't mean you are hopeless. It means you can try again.

Treat you addiction and be a free man.


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