How To Treat Athlete's Foot with Vinegar and Listerine

Athlete's foot can be an embarrassing and itchy ailment. But you don't need to go out and spend big bucks for a remedy. You probably have vinegar and Listerine mouthwash in your home, and both of these liquids work great for treating athlete's foot.

Step 1

Soak your foot in vinegar. An easy and inexpensive way to treat athlete's foot is to use vinegar. Find a large basin or bowl (big enough to immerse your entire foot). Place your affected foot into the basin and then fill the basin with vinegar. You need to use enough vinegar so that your foot is entirely covered, or you might not touch all the areas that are affected by athlete's foot. Soak you foot in the vinegar for 15 minutes two times a day. Repeat this process for at least a week (or more, depending on the severity of your athlete's foot infection). And when you remove your foot from the bowl, have a towel handy to dry your foot.

Step 2

Douse your athlete's foot with Listerine. Another way to treat athlete's foot is to use Listerine. You can easily get rid of the annoying foot fungus by applying Listerine mouthwash to a sterile cotton pad and rubbing it onto your feet twice a day. (Or, you can follow the vinegar method and soak your foot in Listerine twice a day, but this may become expensive!) There is no need to rinse your foot after rubbing it with Listerine. Just dry it off afterwards. This method of using Listerine to treat athlete's foot is safe for both adults and children.

Step 3

Take care of your feet afterwards! Many people contract athlete's foot from public places, but you might also have gotten it because you weren't taking proper care of your feet. Reduce your chances of getting athlete's foot in the future by keeping your feet clean and dry at all times. Wear loose-fitting shoes or sandals to allow air to circulate around your feet, and cotton socks are best for keeping your tootsies healthy.

Other home remedies for treating athlete's foot include hydrogen peroxide, Tilex mold and mildew remover, and rubbing alcohol. Of course, the best treatment for athlete's foot is always prevention. But if you're afflicted with the itchy condition, look around your house for an easy remedy for athlete's foot.


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