How To Treat Autism with Acupuncture

Autism is a neurological disability that is normally detect early in a number of children.  While there is not real and proven cure for the dysfunction, there are various therapies and treatments that can reduce the severity of the disability.  One such therapy is acupuncture.  This alternative and holistic healing therapy is believed to be effective in stimulating and encouraging speech, eye contact, and longer attention spans.  Most children with autism find it difficult to speak, make eye contact, and focus on something for long periods of time due to continued hyperactivity.  Trying out this alternative therapy may be a way to reduce the effects of autism on your child.

Monitor and track your child’s development.  Most Chinese acupuncturists will require that you submit a detailed log of your child’s development from diagnosis to the other treatments applied.  The log should include the ages where he developed certain skills like walking, teething, speaking, and other basic life skills.  This log will provide the acupuncturist a wider perspective on the child and will help them understand what the acupuncture treatment should focus on.

Choose an acupuncturist.  When selecting the acupuncturist for your child, make sure to choose one that is experienced in dealing and treating children.  Some acupuncturists are trained in pediatric acupuncture.  This being said, make sure to select these types of holistic professionals.  At the same time, remember to choose someone that can be friendly and gentle to children.  A specialist that has extensive experience handling special children.  A child with autism may find it difficult to relax when new people are around so someone that can connect with children may be vital.

Make your child relax.  If your child is hyperactive and over-stimulated prior and during his scheduled appointment with the acupuncturist, then you may not get the results you want.  The treatment may not even be applied if the child cannot maintain a relaxed and calm state.  To avoid this, you will want to make sure he is relaxed and calm going into the acupuncturist’s office.  Music has been known to be a great tool that can calm a child with autism.  Place some headphones on his head and let him listen to certain tunes that relax him.  Do this prior and during the session.

Make sure your child is well fed.  An hour or two prior to the appointment, make sure to feel your child a light meal.  You really don’t want your child in a foul mood due to hunger during the treatment.  Remember to feed him nutritious food only.  Avoid fatty and oily foods.  Food may calm your child as well so it really is a good idea to feed him prior to the appointed schedule.

Make sure to practice other suggested tips such as brushing your child’s teeth and dressing him in comfy clothes before visiting the acupuncturist.  Sometimes, acupuncture therapy will include poking needles in the various pressure points on the tongue so keeping this clean will be ideal.  Remember to let him wear comfy clothes so that he will not be anxious because of a simple and easily avoidable detail as clothing.


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