How To Treat Baby Nasal Congestion

Babies, like adults, can be prone to nasal congestion.  When this happens, it can really be difficult for the babies especially since they still do not know how to consistently breathe through their mouth.  Obviously, if your baby is suffering from nasal congestion, then he will have a hard time sleeping.  If your baby can’t sleep, then you won’t be able to sleep.  And so goes the vicious cycle.  This condition needs to be treated as soon as possible since it could veritably lead to more serious conditions and because you will want to get some sleep soon.  Here are some remedies that you can try to treat your baby’s nasal congestion.

Spray saline into your baby’s nose.  Saline sprays or drops are fantastic remedies to relieve nasal congestion.  These are safe for babies so pouring a few drops into his nose should pose no grave threat.  It is recommended to go with the saline spray but the drops should do well too.  In any case, apply a couple drops in each nostril and let it decongest his nose.  You can use this medication as often as you can for as long as the saline solution you purchase is alcohol-free.  Alcohol can dry and irritate a baby’s sensitive skin so it is a good idea to go with a product that is alcohol-free.

Suck the mucus out
.  Whether the saline drops or spray works or not, you may want to remove the mucus blocking the nasal passages of your baby.  To do this, you will need a bulb syringe or aspirator.  Insert the instrument inside her nose and apply the suction.  This should get some of the mucus out allowing him to breathe easier.  Do this every time the mucus builds up in her nose.

Use a humidifier.  Purchase a simple humidifier and set it up in her room.  The steam produced by the humidifier will decongest any mucus blockage.  You can add a few drops of mentholated oil to the solution in the humidifier for a soothing effect.

Get the baby to drink lots of fluids.  Whenever anyone has a cold or nasal congestion, sometimes, the best remedy is by consuming a lot of fluids.  Water should be at the top of the list to drink.  Make sure your baby gets a lot of this.  Obviously, milk will help as well.  Throw in a few ounces of healthy orange juice filled with vitamin C. 

Elevate the crib.  If the baby still exhibits nasal congestion at night, then put him to sleep with the crib elevated.  However, only elevate the side of the crib where his head is.  Now, don’t elevate his head with a pillow or cushion as this can cause suffocation, which you really don’t want.  Instead, put some cushions underneath the legs of the crib.  This way, you elevate his head without any risk of suffocation.  This will alleviate the congestion, which will allow him to breathe and sleep easier.

If all else fails, then your only option left would be to visit a pediatrician and have her prescribe baby-safe medication.  Make sure that if the condition is chronic that your doctor can pinpoint the cause so that it will be easier to find a solution for it.


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