How To Treat Bunions

Bunions. Yes! They sure are painful! How do you get rid of them? Read on for some friendly guidelines.

  • First things first. There are many ways how people acquire bunions. Some say that they’re hereditary. So if you have noticed a formation on your foot and toes, check your parent’s background. Doctors have defined one cause of bunions as having an abnormal bone and ligament structure. While some bunions are genetically developed, other cases may simply be because of neglect. Here are tips to avoid bunions.
    • Shop for a footwear that fits. Poor shoes that do not fit properly could really lead to bunions. Remember the lotus feet of the ancient Chinese women? Look closer at their deformed feet. They wore these tiny and heavy shoes for years, damaging their bones and almost crippling them. Inappropriate footwear is a major factor in acquiring bunions.
    • Do not overwork your feet. Be aware when your feet start to feel a little tired. Sit down, relax and reduce the cargo of your feet. They are, after all, the noble carriers of your entire body weight.
  • The simple methods. While your bunions may have only started to form and are not that serious yet, you may want to treat them immediately before you get the scary opportunity of meeting your surgeons.
    • Use painkillers. This type of treatment does not promise a long-term effect, but its function is to ease the pain when you can no longer have the power to tolerate it. Just don’t overdo it. Remember that this is not the cure itself. This is just a relief.
    • Apply ice. Ice is a very effective and simple means to lessen inflammation on the affected area. The heaviness and stress accumulated for hours will be comforted and there will be a boost of proper blood and oxygen flow that diminishes the chances of greater bunions.
    • Use special foot pads. Orthotics is a foot device that is installed in your footwear designed to treat foot abnormalities. This comes in different structures such as cushioned heels and insoles. This is availed from drugstores and can also be personally crafted via laboratory technicians.
    • Wear foot straps. Before going to bed, wash your feet and wrap the affected feet using bunion straps. Studies show that this may gradually flatten the bulge.
    • Rest your feet upwardly. Resting your feet in an elevated position releases tension that has been collected over time and gets rid of bunion-forming fungi.
  • Contact your surgeon. Remember the song “I did my best? … but the best wasn’t good enough”. Yes, you have done everything to avoid the surgeon but there’s no other way. The pain is too much and you wish to just amputate the entire foot! But there’s no need for this exaggeration. You simply have to remove the root of the bunions with the help of your friendly doctors.
    • Talk to your doctor. He will suggest the best things that you must do before, during, and after the operation.
    • Attend to the needs of your feet regularly. Do you want to have another pair of bunions after the treatment? The responsibility lies on how you care for your feet.

Bunions are not at all fatal, but they could dramatically affect the mood, behavior and working performance of the sufferer. Next time, you may want to think thrice before buying cute but impractical shoes. Happy Feet!


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