How To Treat Cellulitis Alternatively

Medical treatment for cellulitis is not the only answer to eliminate the severe diffused inflammation of skin tissue.  Many alternative treatment methods and techniques have been proven to be effective as claimed by some of the holistic practitioners using them and some of their patients.  Nevertheless, most, if not all, these alternative healing methods are actually not backed by scientific evidence and study so make sure that you are well aware of the risks.  In any case, here are some alternative treatment methods for cellulitis.

Supplement consumption.  Preventing and healing cellulitis can be achieved by supplementing your regular nutritional doses with heavy doses of vitamin C, D, and E along with Zinc.  These vitamins and mineral are scientifically and medically backed to help the skin regenerate and recuperate quickly.  It strengthens the skin cells and your immune system as well which can significantly prevent cellulitis from appearing in the first place.  Technically, you don’t need a holistic healer or homeopath to tell you this fact.  Medical experts will always recommend taking supplements to increase your body’s strength against diseases and toxins.

Go herbal.  Go natural and go herbal is a common health trend nowadays.  The Chinese have vouched about herbal medicine centuries and people are only now discovering its healing effects.  For cellulitis, there are various herbal ointments, gels, and creams that you can find in specialty drug stores and pharmacies.  These products claim to easily remove cellulitis and its ugly effects on the skin.  Some herbs like goldenseal root and yarrow are known to provide pain and itching relief if mixed with warm water.  Some herbal treatments can be taken orally as a pill or liquid.  In any case, make sure to consult a homeopath before trying any of these herbal treatments.

Try acupuncture.  The Chinese claim that acupuncture is a heal-all and cure-all method that has been effective for centuries.  Acupuncture utilizes the pressure points in the body to cure or heal almost any disease, illness, or injury.  There is no scientific evidence that it really does but since people claim of its therapeutic effects, you may as well try to have your cellulitis healed this way.  Visit a licensed holistic healer focusing on acupuncture treatments.  Show him the infection and ask him what treatment can help cure the condition.  He will develop an acupuncture treatment for you based on the pressure points to focus on to remove the discomfort and reddish blemish on your skin.

Use massage therapy
.  Cellulitis is sometimes caused by poor blood circulation.  This being said, getting a massage that will stimulate optimal blood flow in the area may be the treatment that you need.  Find an experienced massage therapist and get a massage.  Have her focus on the area and use oil that has certain healing effects such as virgin coconut oil.

Prior to taking any of these alternative treatments, it is recommended that you consult a licensed and trained homeopathic practitioner or holistic healer to see if any of these can actually prove to be effective for your skin condition.


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