How To Treat Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a condition wherein the sufferer experiences constant fatigue and weakness. When left untreated, this may cause you to become debilitated. Here are some ways to treat chronic fatigue:

  1. Know the symptoms of chronic fatigue. Recognizing the condition allows you to treat it. Common symptoms are fatigue, sleeplessness, dizziness, confusion, fainting spells, headaches, muscle and joint pain, irritable bowel, allergies and swollen lymph nodes. Other symptoms are mental, emotional, financial and social instability. If you have any of these, go to a doctor and ask for some tests to confirm whether you have chronic fatigue.
  2. When you are diagnosed with chronic fatigue, you will undergo a series of treatments that deal with various areas of your health and lifestyle. You can seek the assistance of doctors, health care providers, specialists, therapists and counselors from fields. Because chronic fatigue is a complicated syndrome, each can contribute specialized help to your recovery.
  3. Do some light activities or stretching exercises in order to tone your muscles and regulate body processes. You may or may not be supervised closely so that you will not over-exert yourself or cause too much stress. The right amount of activity is crucial for your well-being so pay attention to what you are feeling and stop when you are feeling tired or emotionally exhausted.
  4. You can receive massages in order for you to become more relaxed and feel more comfortable. This could help alleviate symptoms of chronic fatigue.
  5. Your doctor may prescribe medication to help you cope with chronic fatigue. These affect the nervous system and lessen the symptoms of the syndrome. However, there are side effects such as allergic reactions, drowsiness, and headaches so be sure to tell the doctor any allergies to medications you may have.
  6. You may also be given supplements and herbal treatments to treat your condition. These are taken with certain dosages and some treatments can have unpleasant side-effects so you have to talk to your doctor before taking these.
  7. There is news of brain surgery to treat chronic fatigue syndrome, however this procedure is relatively new and not yet proven to be safe and effective.
  8. A counselor may help you deal with any emotional or subconscious factors that contribute to the development of your syndrome. Treatments are usually done for long periods of time but there are people who are cured because of these methods.
  9. Alternative treatments for CFS sufferers are tai chi, acupuncture, yoga, herbal treatments, hypnosis, relaxation and meditation techniques. When doing these, seek the advice of a professional to determine whether these are safe for you.
  10. Learn more about the syndrome you're experiencing in order to understand what's going on in your body and handle your life better. You could also find other treatments that you could use in order to help you deal with chronic fatigue. Tell your family and friends that you need their support and seek information together.

Chronic fatigue is a complex syndrome, which requires the utmost care. Seek the treatment that fits your unique situation, preferences and budget to facilitate recovery.


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