How To Treat Colitis Naturally

Colitis is a medical condition where the bowel lining becomes inflamed.  Common symptoms of this disease are abdominal cramping, diarrhea, fever, significant weight loss, and sleeplessness.  Normally, the only real cure for colitis is surgery, which will involve the removal of the colon.  Relief and certain inflammation reduction can be found through medication.  However, most people would always prefer some other treatment because surgery is risky and medication can cause certain side effects.  Fortunately, there are a number of natural and holistic treatments available, which you can try instead of the traditional medical treatments available.

  1. Taking probiotics.  Commercial probiotic milk like Yakult from Japan is a great option that anyone suffering from colitis can take.  Probiotic substances that contain lactobaccilli, streptococci, and bifidobacteria can attack the infection cause by colitis and make your colon healthy again.  Products like Yakult are great sources.  Yogurt is another source as well.   
  2. Eat foods rich in Omega-3.  Other people claim that Omega-3 fatty acids are great counteracting nutrients to colitis.  Apparently, Omega-3 can significantly decrease the inflammation caused by colitis.
  3. Take aloe vera.  Studies have shown that aloe vera taken orally can reduce the inflammation of the colon lining.  Since colitis causes inflammation, taking aloe vera should counteract it.  The only problem is aloe vera extract is not edible.  However, some companies have begun marketing aloe vera gel manufactured for oral consumption.  If you can get a hold of this product, then you may stand a chance of finding relief.
  4. Follow a strict diet.  Whether you are preventing colitis or treating an existing colitis condition, sticking to a good diet can really help.  Eat more foods rich in vitamin C.  Avoid consuming too much sugar and sweets.  Avoid spicy food as well since this will definitely only make matters worse.  Fruits and vegetables should be your main diet.  Tomatoes, broccoli, and oranges are good examples to eat. 
  5. Take folic acid.  Folic acid is known to prevent and fight colon cancer, which is a result from prolonged colitis.  Foods rich in folic acid should be taken.  If you can get your hands on some natural supplements containing it, then you can take that as well.
  6. Take boswellia.  This herb that is found in a particular tree in India is known to be effective in reducing inflammation caused by colitis.  The herb, when taken, can fight the chemical reactions and infection that cause the inflammation of the colon lining.  There have been many cases where this has proven to be very effective.
  7. Try acupuncture.  The ancient healing art of acupuncture uses the pressure points found in the body to heal whatever ailment exists.  According to acupuncturists and homeopathic practitioners, acupuncture is a cure-all method.  So, if you have colitis, you may want to try this alternative remedy out.

Prior to taking any of these natural remedies seriously to cure your colitis, make sure to consult a physician that is also a holistic practitioner.  This way, he can recommend various natural treatments that are logically aligned with traditional and conventional medicine.


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