How To Treat Congestion in Newborns

When your baby starts to exhibit difficulty in breathing, then his nasal cavities are probably congested.  This needs to be treated immediately because a newborn does not really know how to breathe through his mouth yet.  Now, when he can’t breathe well, he will not be able to sleep easily.  This means that you will need to monitor his breathing thus, you will be sleepless as well.  Here are some treatment tips for newborn nasal congestion.

Saline.  Saline drops or spray on saline has been proved to eliminate congestion and nasal blockage caused by over-concentration of mucus.  Well, if your newborn is suffering from nasal congestion, then this saline treatment can be the first treatment you can try.  Pour a couple of drops of saline at the entrance of the baby’s nose.  A couple of drops in each nostril should suffice.  If you are using saline spray, then spray it on each nostril.  Saline spray is highly recommended because it is easier to administer.  Allow the solution to eliminate the congestion and then suck it out of the nose by using a bulb syringe.

Suction.  Most people don’t know that you can actually siphon out the mucus clogging up your baby’s nostrils.  To do this, get a bulb syringe and insert it into the baby’s nostril and start the suction.  Repeat the same process for the other nostril.  You may use a nasal aspirator as an alternative.  If you can get your hands on an electric nasal aspirator, this would definitely be better.

Humidify.  Most physicians will recommend having a humidifier in the baby’s room in order to clean the air inside the room.  Having a humidifier will also unclog the baby’s nasal congestion over time as well.  Normally, dry air will contribute to congestion.  However, if you humidify the air in the room, then the congestion will not adhere and will eventually disperse leaving your baby breathing easier.  For a much better effect, try to have the humidifier blowing mentholated air so that the decongestion speeds up.

Steam.  If you don’t have a humidifier, then a good trick to decongest any nose from the goo is through breathing in steam.  Bring the baby into the bathroom and open the shower.  Let hot water flow consistently.  The hot water will eventually create steam.  Make sure the windows and the door are closed.  Sit in the bathroom for about 15 to 20 minutes.  The steam should be able to loosen the mucus clogging your baby’s nostrils.

Fluids.  Another way to decongest your baby’s nose and even prevent it from happening again is by ensuring that your baby drinks plenty of fluids.  Water, milk, juice.  These should be given to the baby in generous amounts.  Obviously, you can’t force feed your baby but at least do your best to encourage him to drink more fluids.

If after all these treatments and the congestion persists, then you may need to check with a pediatrician as there could be another cause to consider.  Maybe a more medical treatment may be in order.


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