How To Treat Depression

Depression is a mood that entails grief, despair or sadness. All people experience times of depression - especially when we go through tragedy. The majority of people can deal with depression but there are some who cannot. They may forget the hard feelings fot the time being, but when severe symptoms attack again and last for more than a week or two, it may be considered clinical depression. Clinical depression is not just an ordinary depression. It can test your capacity to carry out your everyday activities at home, school or office. If not treated, clinical depression may lead to more serious conditions such as committing suicide. Here are some of the different types of depression:

  1. Bipolar disorder - One may experience times of severe elation called mania.
  2. Dysthymia - It is less intense than major depression but it may stay for many years.
  3. Major depression - It is one of the intense types of depression. Generally, it entails grumpy mood and loss of concern for everyday activities at home, school or office.
  4. Psychotic depression - One may not only experience depression but hallucination too. One may suffer from psychotic depression after going through an intense depression.
  5. Seasonal depression - Seasonal depression may happen once or twice a year. Basically, it takes place during the winter.

When you are feeling depressed, it is suggested that you communicate with your family or friends. Communication is one of the keys to alleviate and cure depression. If you have the symptoms, whether it is mild or not, consult with your doctor right away. The doctor will refer you to a psychologist or psychiatrist if you suffer from chronic depression.  

Series of medical examinations and tests will be conducted once your psychiatrist or psychologist discover that you are suffering from depression. Depression may be related with your present medical condition, that is why series of laboratory tests and imaging procedures will be conducted such as CT scan and X-ray.

The treatment of depression may entail supportive therapy, psychotherapy, corresponding therapy and antidepressant medication. If you are suffering from severe depression, the treatment may use psychotherapy. Psychotherapy includes different procedures such as behavior change, communication change and relationship building to enhance your mental health.

When your depression is cured, you can make a positive change in your lifestyle that will help you get through and stop depression from coming back.

  1. Make an effort to focus your attention on your everyday activities. Do not detach yourself from the real world.
  2. Always communicate with your family and friends. If you want someone to talk to, do not hesitate to confide your real feelings to them; it will help you get well.
  3. Problems are always there. Try to have a positive outlook in your life. Being optimistic will surely help you solve them.
  4. Exercise daily and eat healthy foods.
  5. Stay away from vices such as alcohol and cigarettes.

Severe depression may be treated if you are going to submit yourself to a healthcare provider like psychiatrist. The psychiatrist is the best person who can help you get through and recover from depression. Of course, you need to help yourself. Make a positive change in your lifestyle.


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