How To Treat Genital Warts

Genital warts are warts with flesh to grey color, which are found in the genital area in both males and females. It often causes itchiness and discomfort.  Among sexually active people, it has continually grown into an epidemic. It has the ability to spread even if no warts are visible.

In order to know what kind of treatment to use, it is very essential to take note that it is caused by a virus and often times genital wart infections are not that visible but are very distinct.  As of the moment, no known treatment for the virus has been discovered but there are a lot of things that you can do to prevent and treat the warts.

For women, it is very necessary to cure this early on since it can cause further harm like cervical cancer. It can occur at any time, regardless of age. The hot age targets are from 17-33. The viral infection is highly contagious. Contact with someone with the virus gives you high chances of having it too.

The genital warts can be deeply accounted to birth control pills usage and heightened sexual contact without proper protection, pre-marital sex and having lots of sex partners. It can be prevented if you don't do any of those listed.

Most of those with genital warts find it hard to treat the disease especially getting embarrassed in front of a doctor, exposed fully, inspecting the severity of the infection on the most private part of the body. So the question now is, can genital warts be cured? The answer is yes, but it is dependent on some aspects such as the location and the size of the genital warts. The doctor will offer several ways to treat them. If you're lucky, there are cases where genital warts get cured without treatment. There is actually no means as to whether they will appear or not.

When you see genital warts on your private area, you have to take action immediately. Certain essential oils can be used to treat genital warts. They are natural and have anti-viral properties to heal the viral infection. It will be of great aid if you apply a few drops of these essential oils on the affected part. What's good is that they are totally painless and upon application, they leave no marks.

Most of the doctors prescribe medical ointments and creams, which you can apply to the warts. Wartrol is the most prescribed since it is made up purely of natural components. Besides that fact, no side effects were noted after application tests. There were also significant results that genital warts were eradicated after weeks or months, depending on the severity of the case. A study, which has seventy genital warts sufferers as participants, was conducted and the results were great with 100% of the women and almost 95% of the men cured without irritations, pain nor burn or itch.

There are some treatment choices that for these kinds of problems but in very severe types, only surgical procedure can be the sole option.


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