How To Treat IBS Naturally

Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or IBS, is a digestive condition where the bowels are especially sensitive to irritation, resulting in stomach pains, cramps and diarrhea. While IBS can be treated with medication, side effects like dizziness and nausea can occur. However, natural remedies are available which can provide safe relief from the symptoms of IBS.

Here are several suggestions to treat IBS naturally:

  • Determine which foods cause IBS. Start with food you know are bowel-friendly the sample different foods and note your reactions to them. Avoid strong substances like caffeine, alcohol and spice. Remove processed foodstuff from your diet, as the chemical preservatives can be harsh on your digestive tract; dairy products is also a no-no for lactose-intolerant individuals. Avoid fruits directly after eating a full meal, as their faster rate of their digestion will interfere with the rest of the food. You can have them sometime before meal or as a snack.
  • Hydrate frequently. Drink eight glasses of distilled water which contains no irritants, stimulants or particulates every day; avoid tap water, which contains chlorine can harm the beneficial bacteria in your stomach. Avoid drinking fluids along with your meals, as this will confuse your digestive system.
  • Consume lots of fiber. Fruits and vegetables are rich in natural fibers. You may eat them raw, or have them steamed or boiled to make digestion easier. Oatmeal and wholegrain cereals are also known sources of fiber; you make take soluble fiber in capsule form, as well.
  • Have smaller portions. Eat more frequently throughout the day to compensate for smaller amounts of food, which will prevent overtaxing the bowels. Don't rush when eating meals; pace yourself by conversing with other people or watching TV. Avoid having several different types of food in one sitting.
  • Practice relaxing exercises. Yoga can relieve stress and calm the mind and body, which in turn will relax the digestive system. Whole body massages can also unwind stressed-out people. Finally, aerobic exercises like jogging and swimming will elevate your metabolism.
  • Consume pro-biotic food. Beneficial bacteria co-habit the digestive system along with bad ones, and in-balance between the two can be a source of bowel problems. Yoghurt and beverages with live bacteria can aid in restoring this balance.
  • Take herbal supplements. Peppermint tea and Slippery Elm can help calm upset bowels, although you should avoid peppermint if you have a case of acid reflux. Aloe vera-based beverages are also known to decrease intestinal spasms and bloating. Argentum Nitricum is another remedy that best fits people who suffer from IBS symptoms due to anxiety.
  • Undergo acupuncture. By pricking the right spots on the body, an expert acupuncturist can reduce diarrhea, cramps and stomach aches.

IBS can bother a person for the entire day, reducing his productivity and affecting his health and lifestyle. By combining some of these IBS treatments, your body will have a better chance in dealing with bowel irritation. Avoid stress by relaxing more, engaging in physical activities and taking up a distracting hobby. You may apply a heat compress or hot water bottle on your stomach during bouts of pain.


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