How To Treat Insomnia with Magnetic Therapy

Insomnia is caused by lots of different things such as depression, stress, medical conditions, and illnesses. Insomnia, especially the chronic kind, proves to have serious affects on health resulting from fatigue and lack of sleep. While there are medications that are designed to treat insomnia, alternative treatments are gaining popularity and are proven to have beneficial effects on people with insomnia. One of these is magnetic therapy. Magnetic therapy primarily works to increase the hormone responsible for sleep, called melatonin, in the body. This kind of therapy is considered safe because it doesn’t involve any use of chemicals. If you are interested in treating insomnia with magnetic therapy, here are your treatment options.

  • Magnetic pillow. Many insomniacs report of having good night’s sleep after using a magnetic pillow. This kind of pillow has magnets inside, which are used to increase melatonin levels and correct the body clock. In place of magnetic pillow, many insomniacs also use magnetic pad. It is inserted into the pillow and functions the same as a magnetic pillow.
  • Magnetized water. This kind of water is charged with magnetic properties to address insomnia. Magnetized water is usually taken in the morning and evening or as recommended by the magnetized water company. Anyone who wishes to use magnetized water is advised to see a physician first. This is to make sure that the intake and dosage do not worsen any existing medical condition.
  • Magnetic mattress.  Used just like an ordinary mattress, magnetic mattress is considered as a good option for treating insomnia. This mattress is sewn with small magnets and comes with thick fabric to promote a comfortable sleep. The cushion used inside the mattress varies. Some manufacturers use memory foam; others latex. To get the optimum benefits of the magnetic mattress, it is recommended to angle the mattress in a way that the North Pole of the magnet serves as the bed’s head.
  • Magnetic jewelry. Magnetic bracelet, rings, earrings, necklaces, and ankle chains are also used as treatment for insomnia. What’s good about them is that they are worn and used in the same way ordinary jewelry is worn. They also are designed as beautifully and exquisitely that they don’t look sleep therapies at all. However, it is important to remember that magnetic jewelry is not supposed to be worn at all times. They should be worn according to the recommendation of the manufacturer.

Because the body easily gets used to the magnet’s effects, proponents of the magnetic therapy suggest using this kind of therapy with intervals, especially in the case of the magnetic mattress and jewelry. When exposed daily to magnets, the body might not react positively, and this will defeat the purpose of using magnetic therapy. Also, pregnant women and people using special medical equipment are not advised to use magnetic therapy. Consultation with a licensed physician and magnetic therapy practitioner must take place before resorting to magnetic therapy. Care should also be observed when looking for a medical therapy product to avoid purchasing a fake one.


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