How To Treat Menstrual Cramps with Magnetic Therapy

Aside from muscle pain, insomnia, carpal tunnel, and other illnesses and medical conditions, magnetic therapy is also being increasingly used as treatment for menstrual cramps. Although menstrual cramps can be treated with medications, many women opt to use magnetic therapy because of its reported effectiveness. The magnets are believed to make a magnetic field that blocks the pain and therefore provides relief from menstrual cramps. If you are interested in utilizing magnets as a way of addressing menstrual cramps, here are some tips you can consider.

  • Use static magnets. Static magnets are the same as the magnets used in refrigerators. They are the most commonly used for pain relief. In fact, neodymium, the widely utilized therapeutic magnet, is a static magnet. Made from steel, iron, and alloys, static magnets are consistent in their effectiveness in that they don’t change the level of their efficacy. Static magnets are either unipolar or bipolar. Unipolar magnets are those having only one pole, while bipolar have two poles.
  • Place the magnets close to your skin. For the magnets to render beneficial results, you need to put them very close to your skin. Some people choose to sew the magnets under their clothing. But with the popularity of magnets today, there are various magnets that promote convenience of use. There are magnets that come in belt and wrap forms, so you can easily place the magnets on your lower abdomen and relieve menstrual cramps. When you are looking for magnets, consider these types of products.
  • Try using a magnetic panty. For the sole purpose of relieving menstrual cramps, certain manufacturers developed and currently produce a magnetic panty. Magnetic panty comes with neodymium and creates a magnetic field. It is comfortable to use that you can go about your day forgetting you are actually using a magnetic panty.
  • Expect to feel relief after a few hours of use. Magnets generally provide relief after a few hours of application, although some women experience the results after a few days. In any case, magnet therapy usually relieves the pain fast enough, after about a minimum of three to a maximum of six sessions.
  • Always follow the recommended length of use. Because the body easily gets used to the effects of magnets, it is recommended to use the magnets only within the manufacturers’ recommended time. Use them periodically, and don’t allow the magnets to sit on your skin for long periods of time.
  • Remember that magnets should not be used along with other medical devices. Under no circumstances should you use magnets if you are using pacemakers, defibrillators, insulin pumps, surgical implants, and other types of devices that may react negatively to magnets. If you have bleeding disorders, the use of magnets is also not recommended.

Before submitting yourself to magnet therapy, consider talking to your doctor first. Especially if you have a certain disorder or experience severe cramps, the doctor will advise you whether using magnetic therapy as a menstrual cramp treatment will work for your benefit.


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