How To Treat Proteinuria

Kidneys are vital because they screen and filter excess agents or unwanted components in one's blood stream. Any failure in the filtering functions of the kidney can become fatal if not treated early on. One of the excess agents that the kidney filters is the protein in our blood. When the kidneys fail to filter this, you will notice blood in your urine. This illness is called proteinuria. If you are experiencing one, below are ways on how to treat it.

  • Lessen salt intake. Remember that when you have proteinuria, your problem is not just the blood that comes with your urine. You will experience swelling as well. Cure this swelling by making sure that your body is kept hydrated. Lessening your salt intake can help your body maintain the right hydration because salt actually lessens your body's water.
  • Maintain a low blood pressure. Treating your high blood pressure would be a good starting point in treating your proteinuria because this illness is, most of the time, accompanied by high blood pressure. This is because high blood pressure greatly affects the capacity of the kidney to filter the protein in the blood. In other words, treating high blood pressure is one way to treat proteinuria.
  • Lessen your protein intake. Your kidneys are already having trouble filtering proteins from your blood. Do not worsen this problem by taking more protein. Be more sensitive on the kinds of foods you eat, particularly on the protein level of such foods. You can check the National Kidney Foundation's site to see menus that could help you lessen your protein intake.
  • Address urinary tract infection (UTI)  issues. UTI actually prolongs your proteinuria. This is because a person who has UTI is more prone to the possibility of the spread of bacteria. Treating your UTI would be another way of treating proteinuria.
  • Treat your blood sugar problems. Put in mind that problems in blood sugar and proteinuria are medically connected. If you are suffering from diabetes, be sure to address sugar problems effectively. Keep your sugar levels under control. Though this, you would also be able to control your proteinuria.
  • Consult a doctor about the possibility of using Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme (ACE) to treat your proteinuria. These are inhibitors used to relatively decrease the protein in the urine. You can use this to treat your proteinuria. But remember not to self-medicate. Always ask your doctor first before trying this one.
  • Read about beta-blockers. Beta-blockers, like ACEs, also have the capacity to trim down the protein levels in the urine. But not only that, beta-blockers also have the capacity to strengthen your kidneys in order to filter wastes better. You can take this to help you treat your proteinuria. Again, do not take this by yourself and without any expert advice from your doctor.  
  • Minor proteinuria. Proteinuria does not always have to be treated. If it were not serious, no treatment would be necessary. This is because minor proteinuria may be caused by severe stress or dehydration. 

Kidneys play important functions in our body system. One of these functions is to filter the excess protein in our body. If you are experiencing proteinuria, just follow the said steps to treat it.


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