How To Treat Reactive Hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia comes in various forms and one of its kinds is reactive hypoglycemia. Reactive hypoglycemia is caused by low blood sugar level. This may result in dizziness and weakness. Daily jobs would definitely be disturbed substantially when such illness attacks. If you are experiencing reactive hypoglycemia, below are some of the ways on how to treat it.

  • Prepare piece meals, or small meals every day. When you prepare your meals be sure that they are sufficient for a day. Prepare few frequent meals throughout the day, such as five small meals, instead of three huge meals. Take your meal every two to three hours. Having a few frequent meals is fairly helpful as it provides equal nutrients to the patient’s body compared to three huge meals a day. Cut down your diet to one small amount of breakfast, two small amounts of lunch, taken with an interval of two to three hours or a snack and small amount of supper.
  • Every meal should be rich with fiber. Be sure that every meal is rich with fiber. Examples of these foods are whole-grain rice, cheese, yogurt and fish.
  • Exercise regularly. This one is a common knowledge and actually a classic advice. But many are not aware that aerobics is not just good for cardiovascular health, it is also good in helping the body regulate its sugar blood levels. You may also jog for at least fifteen to twenty five minutes a day. Choose the sport that you really love, as long as it requires the your body to work with extra challenge. Sports such as basketball, volleyball, tennis and badminton are just few of the best sports exercises you can do. However, be careful not to over engage with strenuous works, because this may lead to over consumption of sugar. It is never advisable for people with reactive hypoglycemia to do the exercises and work outs alone. In case of an attack of hypoglycemia, it is always best that you have somebody that could assist or look after you. But if you really prefer to do it alone, just avoid doing the exercise during the attack. In case the illness attacks during exercise, you should take some rest and proceed when the attack has gone through.
  • Eat food loaded with carbohydrates. The most efficient way to treat hypoglycemia is to higher the intake of sugar that comes from heavy meals. You can take a small snack that is high in carbohydrates. A small cracker, a candy, soft drinks, or juices, though not heavy, can boost your blood sugar levels. Low carbonated foods may cause persons who do not have hypoglycemia to feel weak, light-headed and dizzy. Non-diabetic patients do not take sugar level test regularly so they may not always be prepared of having symptoms of hypoglycemia, but candies and juices are good alternatives when these symptoms occur.

Never assume and never inure any pain with any medical assistance. It is always best to have a regular check-ups. Remember that in every factors of life, health is one of the most to be considered. Without good health the quality of living will be impaired, which could result to non-enjoyment of your life.


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